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Please note that due to the coronavirus, shipments will be delayed significantly, as I am minimizing trips to the post office.

WP 31S Overlay

I am accepting orders for adhesive vinyl overlays for the WP 31S layout to apply to an HP 20b or HP 30b. The price is $6 for one or $5 each for two or more, including shipping anywhere in the world.

At present it is printed on waterproof matte white self-adhesive vinyl, with a protective spray with a satin finish. The adhesive is very strong, so be extremely careful when affixing it to make sure you have the alignment right. I highly recommend you use a needle-nose tweezers for applying the key labels to ensure precise alignment.

Sales of overlays are temporarily suspended as I am unable to obtain supplies due to COVID-19.

Please select the desired quantity and then click "Pay with PayPal" to pay for it. Please allow 2-3 days before it will be shipped.


I have more information about the WP31S, including the ability purchase a full-configured calculator, here. If you would like to make your own, I have written directions on how to flash the calculator.

This is what the overlay looks like when placed on a calculator:

You can also download a PNG of the overlay image.

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