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WP 31S Scientific Calculator

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Back ordered until Sep 1.

Note: I am a bit behind on making these, so please expect a delay of 4-6 weeks before shipment. Thanks for your patience.

The WP 31S is the "light" version of the 34S, which is most powerful scientific (non-graphing) calculator on the market. It is not an HP product, but it is rather a community-created product based on an existing HP calculator platform. The software of the 34S was written largely by Walter Bonin and Paul Dale, initially just as a PC program. Later, Marcus von Cube joined the team and made it run on the HP 20b/30b platform.

This means I carefully attach the overlay sticker. Finally, I flash the latest version 1.2 ROM (from SVN).

Note: For international deliveries, I can ship it by First Class Mail, reducing the shipping fee to around US$25 (instead of $40+). However, there is no tracking available with this shipping method. Please email me for details.

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