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Please note that due to serious flooding in my hometown of Houston, I am a bit behind on fulfilling orders. Thank you for your patience as we recover. Also, due to issues with making overlays, no WP-34 or WP-31 related items will ship before mid to late October.

WP 34S

Last updated 2012-05-06

Once you have purchased an HP 30b, a keyboard overlay, and a programming cable, you are ready to make your own WP 34S. To do this, follow these directions. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made 34S.

  1. Download and extract MySamBa
  2. Obtain the calc.bin file that you want to use. You can either find this in the wp34s\real folder in a release package on the WP 34S SourceForge download page, or you can download the latest development build from the SVN repository.
  3. Connect the programming cable to your computer and to the programming port behind the battery door of the calculator. If you do not have a serial port, purchase an FTDI USB serial adapter. Most cheaper adapters will not work.
  4. Run MySamBa, and pick the serial port that you used and the file that you want to upload.
  5. Turn the calculator on by pressing and releasing ON/CE.
  6. Hold down the ERASE button on the cable (do not release it).
  7. Press and release the RESET button on the cable.
  8. Press and release ON/CE on the calculator to turn it on again.
  9. Release the ERASE button on the cable that you pressed a few steps earlier.
  10. Press and release the RESET button on the cable.
  11. Press and release ON/CE on the calculator. It will not appear to turn on.
  12. Click "Send File" in MySamBa and wait for it to finish (it will only take a few seconds). If you have the FTDI USB/serial adapter, you will see the blue TX light blinking.
  13. Press and release the RESET button on the cable.
  14. Press and release ON/CE on the calculator. It should now turn on, as a WP 34S!

These directions have been tested both on 32-bit Windows XP and 64-bit Windows 7 x64, both with the FTDI USB serial adapter.

Once you have a WP 34S, you can enter the bootloader again by holding ON, pressing D, then S, then S again, then releasing ON, then pressing ON again. This replaces steps 5 through 11 above.

Optional: If you open the calculator and solder a 32.768 kHz clock crystal (pad Y1) and two 18 pF 0603 capacitors (pads C3 and C4) onto the board, you can flash calc_xtal.bin or calc_xtal_full.bin instead and be able to use an accurate timer/clock, including a stopwatch program.

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