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HHC Conference Videos USB Drive


This is a 256 GB Samsung USB drive that contains videos from various HP conferences from 1986 through 2019. It has over 500 hours of videos, with over 1000 separate talks and over 1700 separate videos.

Included are videos recorded by Jake Schwartz from 1986 through 2010 (all in standard definition), plus 2013 through 2018 (all in full high definition), as well as videos recorded by Eric Rechlin from 2010 through 2017 (all in high definition) and from 2018 through 2019 (all in full high definition). Jake's videos are of the entire conferences, including gaps between talks, door prize drawings, introductions, and more. Eric's videos are just of the individual talks.

All videos are encoded in H.264 MP4 format, and a web-browser-based interface is provided to easily navigate through the talks, search for individual talks, or watch them straight through. The drive is formatted in exFAT format for compatibility with most modern PCs.

A mostly-complete demo of what can be found on this drive is online on my HHC Conference Videos web site. This relies on YouTube and therefore is missing some of the functionality of what is on the drive, such as auto-play of the next video, and only has the videos of the actual talks and not the videos between talks included with Jake's videos.

These drives are being sold at-cost, with approximately zero profit, to ensure the widest availability of the videos.

The following table lists the events that are included. A full list of talks is listed separately.


NumberEventDateLocationSponsorThemeJake's LengthEric's Length
60HHC 2019September 21-22, 2019Hyatt Place Hotel, Reno, NVRichard NelsonIn Search of Excellence 10:05:05 1080p
59HHC 2018September 29-30, 2018SpringHill Suites, San Jose, CARichard NelsonCelebrating 50 Years of HP Programmables14:12:11 1080i08:03:59 1080p
58HHC 2017September 16-17, 2017Holiday Inn, Nashville, TNRichard NelsonThe Prime Factor15:59:10 1080i10:56:25 720p
57HHC 2016September 17-18, 2016HP Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CORichard NelsonThe HP Prime: A Moving Target14:41:47 1080i10:44:00 720p
56HHC 2015September 26-27, 2015Holiday Inn, Nashville, TNRichard NelsonEYAWTKATCUCPBWATA!15:26:14 1080i09:54:30 720p
55HHC 2014September 20-21, 2014Hyatt Place Hotel, Reno, NVRichard NelsonReady for Prime Time?14:54:21 1080i07:38:02 720p
54HHC 2013September 21-22, 2013HP Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CORichard NelsonThe Future Realized: Gen5 Arrives!15:24:18 1080i08:33:20 720p
53HHC 2012September 22-23, 2012Holiday Inn, Nashville, TNGene WrightConvergence 07:26:27 720p
52HHC 2011September 24-25, 2011HP San Diego, San Diego, CARichard NelsonBack to the Future 07:55:35 720p
51HHC 2010September 25-26, 2010HP Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CORichard NelsonGetting Back to Basics13:46:38 480i03:16:43 720p
50HHC 2009October 3-4, 2009HP Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CORichard Nelson30th Anniversary of the HP-41 System16:42:13 480i 
49HHC 2008September 27-28, 2008HP Corvallis, Corvallis, ORRichard NelsonHP 20b Business Calculator & ARM7 Development System14:16:29 480i 
48HPCC 2007October 13-14, 2007Imperial College, London, England #6HPCC 08:51:47 480i 
47HHC 2007September 29-30, 2007HP San Diego, San Diego, CARichard Nelson35th Anniversary of the HP-3517:14:30 480i 
46HHC 2006September 16-17, 2006Radisson Hotel, San Jose, CATed KerberThe Year of the HP-12C14:44:53 480i 
45HHC 2005September 17-18, 2005ACE Metal Crafts, Franklin Park, ILCHIP GroupNostalgia and the Cutting Edge!14:06:53 480i 
44HHC 2004September 25-26, 2004Radisson Hotel, San Jose, CATed KerberThe Future Beheld!15:14:49 480i 
43HHC 2003September 20-21, 2003Radisson Hotel, Newport Beach, CARichard NelsonA New Hope14:51:02 Analog 
42HHC 2002September 21-22, 2002Imperial College, London, England #5HPCC 13:04:26 Analog 
41HHC 2001September 15-16, 2001Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Chicago, ILCHIP Group2001: A Handheld Odyssey08:21:22 Analog 
40HHC 2000September 9-10, 2000Ramada Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CARichard Nelson 11:53:42 Analog 
39HHC 1999August 21-22, 1999Phoenix Inn Hotel, Vancouver, WAHP ACO 15:25:55 Analog 
38HHC 1998August 29-31, 1998HP Vancouver, Vancouver, WAHP ACO 09:39:33 Analog 
37HHC 1997September 21-22, 1997Imperial College, London, England #4HPCC 11:13:59 Analog 
34HHC 1996August 24-25, 1996Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, CAShier Systems & Software 17:25:14 Analog 
33HHC 1995August 5-6, 1995Mall of America, Minneapolis, MNCraig Finseth 15:27:36 Analog 
28HHC 1994October 1-2, 1994Hotel Inntel, Zandaam, NetherlandsPrompt 06:40:09 Analog 
21HPCC 1992September 19-20, 1992Imperial College, London, England #3HPCC 12:17:46 Analog 
19HHC 1992March 28-29, 1992Drexel University, Philadelphia, PAPhiladelphia Area HP Club 13:08:49 Analog 
16HHC 1991August 2-4, 1991Oregon State University, Corvallis, ORRichard Nelson 16:19:43 Analog 
9HHC 1990June 2, 1990HP Sales Office, Rolling Meadows, ILCHIP Group 14:02:34 Analog 
7HHC 1989June 3, 1989Triton College, Melrose Park, ILCHIP Group 06:37:55 Analog 

Mini Conferences

NumberEventDateLocationSponsorThemeJake's Length
32SCES 1995July 28, 1995Red Cross Bldg, Chicago, ILCHIP GroupDiscussions on HP calculator emulators, HP 38G/48G.03:13:11 Analog
29WCES 1995January 6, 1995Denny's, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCVarious HP 48 discussions.05:26:48 Analog
27SCES 1994June 23, 1994Red Cross Bldg, Chicago, ILCHIP GroupDiscussions on HP Omnibook 530, HP 48, more.06:01:32 Analog
26WCES 1994January 6, 1994Denny's, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCHP 48 topics. Henry Horn speaks on HP adventures.03:55:17 Analog
23SCES 1993June 3, 1993Red Cross Bldg, Chicago, ILCHIP GroupDennis York (HP) intros HP 48GX and HP 100LX.08:11:33 Analog
22WCES 1993January 7, 1993Denny's, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCVarious talks on HP 48-related material.03:47:10 Analog
20SCES 1992May 29, 1992Ace Metal Crafts, Franklin Park, ILCHIP GroupVarious talks on HP 48/95 topics.04:00:37 Analog
17WCES 1992January 11, 1992Denny's, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCTalks by representatives from HP, Sparcom, and Sharp.05:13:25 Analog
15SCES 1991May 31, 1991Ace Metal Crafts, Franklin Park, ILCHIP GroupVarious talks on HP 48/95 topics.03:13:52 Analog
11WCES 1991January 12, 1991Denny's, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCMegha Shyam (Sparcom) speaks on HP 48 ROM software.04:07:17 Analog
8WCES 1990January 6, 1990Denny's, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCVarious talks on HP handhelds.03:39:53 Analog
6WCES 1989January 7, 1989Denny's, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCChris Bunsen (HP) intros HP 20S, 42S.02:47:46 Analog
5SCES 1988June 3, 1988Ace Metal Crafts, Franklin Park, ILCHIP GroupRon Brooks (HP) intros HP 22S and 32S.04:30:07 Analog
4WCES 1988January 9, 1988Denny’s, Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCDennis York (HP) intros HP 28S, 19B, 17B, 27S.04:00:31 Analog
3SCES 1987May 29, 1987Ace Metal Crafts, Franklin Park, ILCHIP GroupVarious talks on HP-41/71/75 topics.03:47:08 Analog
2CHHU 1987February 5, 1987University of Maryland, College Park, MDCHHU Washington Chapter Bill Wickes (HP) introduces HP 28C.03:53:16 Analog
1SCES 1986May 30, 1986Ace Metal Crafts, Franklin Park, ILCHIP GroupJanet Cryer and Nancy Ullman (HP) introduce HP 18C.06:04:11 Analog

Other Events

NumberEventDateLocationSponsorThemeJake's Length
36PAHHC 1997/JunJune 5, 1997Philadelphia, PAPAHHCEric Vogel demonstrates the Logic Dart.04:02:20 Analog
35WCES 1997January 9-12, 1997Las Vegas, NVWCES HHCJake Schwartz shows highlights from CES 1997.02:31:12 Analog
31PAHHC 1995/Jun/28June 28, 1995Philadelphia, PAPAHHCJim Lawson introduces the HP 38G calculator.01:43:57 Analog
30PAHHC 1995/Jun/17June 17, 1995Philadelphia, PAPAHHCGene Rawdin demonstrates the HP 19BII calculator.01:37:47 Analog
25PAHHC 1993/OctOctober 16, 1993Philadelphia, PAPAHHCLew Thomas speaks on his two devices, the DublHdr and IL-95.00:59:44 Analog
24PAHHC 1993/JulJuly 21, 1993Philadelphia, PAPAHHCJim Lawson speaking on the HP 48G/GX.01:48:24 Analog
18CHIP 1992/FebFebruary 26, 1992Chicago, ILCHIP GroupMegha Shyam of Sparcom talks about new Sparcom products.01:50:42 Analog
14PAHHC 1991/MayMay 1, 1991Philadelphia, PAPAHHCKarl Smith demonstrates Sparcom PIM, Chemistry, and EE cards.02:16:33 Analog
13PAHHC 1991/AprApril 29, 1991Philadelphia, PAPAHHCEric Vogel of HP introduces the HP 95LX.03:28:06 Analog
12CHIP 1991/AprApril 10, 1991Chicago, ILCHIP GroupEric Vogel of HP discusses the HP 32SII, HP 48 PDL, and HP 48S.02:03:05 Analog
10PAHHC 1990/NovNovember 11, 1990Philadelphia, PAPAHHCBill Wickes discusses the HP 48SX.03:51:39 Analog

Total length of Jake's videos: 494:14:58
Total length of Eric's videos: 84:34:11
Total length: 578:49:09

Additional videos excluded from this drive

These videos are not on this drive but are instead on the HHC USB Drive:

NumberEventDateLocationSponsorThemeEric's Length
68HHC 2023October 7-8, 2023Hyatt Place Orlando Airport, Orlando, FLRichard NelsonWhat's Old is New Again14:26:58 4K
67Allschwil 2022October 29-30, 2022Pfarreiheim Oberwil (Basel), SwitzerlandMatthias Wehrli 08:58:07 4K
66HPCC 2022October 22-23, 2022POSK, London, EnglandHPCC 07:35:54 4K
65HHC 2022September 10-11, 2022Hilton Garden Inn, Nashville, TNRichard NelsonWe're Not Dead Yet13:53:59 4K
64HPCC 2021/OctOctober 23, 2021Webex, VirtualHPCC 01:40:39 1080p
63HHC 2021October 2-3, 2021Hilton Garden Inn, Nashville, TNRichard NelsonIn Search of a Slogan10:40:56 1080p
62HPCC 2021/JanJanuary 9, 2021Webex, VirtualHPCC 02:25:17 1080p
61HPCC 2020October 10, 2020Webex, VirtualHPCC 05:55:46 1080p

Total length of excluded videos: 65:37:36

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