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HHCHHUC472019601Jeremy SmithCubic Chess
HHCHHUC472019602Jim DonnellyShop Projects Update
HHCHHUC472019603Bob ProsperiSwissMicros DM41X Announcement
HHCHHUC472019604Namir ShammasNewton Method Interpolations
HHCHHUC472019605Gunter SchinkOverview of the WP 43C
HHCHHUC472019606Eric RechlinMy Role as an Archivist; or, What's on the HHC USB Drives?
HHCHHUC472019607Jake SchwartzWhat's New in the PPC Archive DVD
HHCHHUC472019608Richard SchwartzPercent Change, Logarithms, and their interpolation
HHCHHUC472019609Bruce HorrocksImpromptu Report from Across the Pond
HHCHHUC4720196010Namir ShammasMulti-Variable Solver
HHCHHUC4720196011David RamseyThe Nature of Time
HHCHHUC4720196012Jim JohnsonGraphics on the DM42
HHCHHUC4720196013Richard NelsonPercentages on the 48
HHCHHUC4720196014Richard NelsonRIP HP Calcs
HHCHHUC4720196015Richard NelsonUSB Power
HHCHHUC4720196016Bob ProsperiWoodstock Low Power and ConnKit
HHCHHUC4720196017Gene WrightThe Financial Calculators (via Skype)
HHCHHUC4720196018Namir ShammasScout Evolutionary Optimization Method
HHCHHUC4720196019Joey ShepardDIY Calculators
HHCHHUC4720196020Tom ChrapkiewiczAural Clocks and Big Ben on the 48
HHCHHUC4720196021Bruce HorrocksThe HP 39G/49G Overhead Projector
HHCHHUC4720196022David RamseyProgramming Contest Winners
HHCHHUC462018591Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC462018592EverybodyAttendee Introductions
HHCHHUC462018593Thomas ChrapkiewiczHistory and Pictorial Presentation of Silicon Valley
HHCHHUC462018594Tim WessmanNews from HP Asia
HHCHHUC462018595EverybodyGroup photo
HHCHHUC462018596Namir ShammasPolynomial Roots by Optimization
HHCHHUC462018597Sylvain CotePresenting the HP-IL Compendium
HHCHHUC462018598Monte Dalrymple41C Flexible Hardware Module
HHCHHUC462018599Gene WrightOld Calculator Ads (via Skype)
HHCHHUC4620185910Gene WrightUnisonic Calculators (via Skype)
HHCHHUC4620185911Dave CochranHP Calculations from Desktop to Pocket
HHCHHUC4620185912Felix Gross and David HaydenRecreating the 15C Advanced Functions Handbook
HHCHHUC4620185913Thomas ChrapkiewiczPlotter [RS-232/HP-GL] control with HP 48 Series with Applications
HHCHHUC4620185914Jim JohnsonWhat Was the First Personal Computer? (Careful, trick question)
HHCHHUC4620185915Richard NelsonAdd SIG to FIX, SCI, & ENG?
HHCHHUC4620185916Richard SchwartzNaive Testing of the 997X Random Number Generator
HHCHHUC4620185917Thomas ChrapkiewiczAudio & Acoustic Performance of HP 48 Series with Applications
HHCHHUC4620185918Namir ShammasNew Algorithm for Numerical Integration
HHCHHUC4620185919Benoit MaagRepurposing Old TI Calculators
HHCHHUC4620185920Eric RechlinWhat's on the HHC 2018 USB Drive
HHCHHUC4620185921Sam KimReflections on time working on HP Calculators
HHCHHUC4620185922Sam KimInformal Q & A about HP
HHCHHUC4620185923Sam Kim and Richard NelsonCampaign to HP as stockholders
HHCHHUC4620185924Joe HornProgramming Contest Results and Best Speaker Award
HHCHHUC4620185925EverybodyDoor Prizes
HHCHHUC4620185926HHC 2018Users' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC452017581Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC452017582EverybodyAttendee Introductions
HHCHHUC452017583Jim JohnsonHP-25 LP: Panamatik's New Woodstock Low-Power Upgrade Kit
HHCHHUC452017584Richard NelsonSound Level Indicator Demonstration
HHCHHUC452017585Tim WessmanWhat's New with HP Calculators
HHCHHUC452017586Gene WrightNon-HP Desktop Scientific Calculators
HHCHHUC452017587EverybodyGroup photo
HHCHHUC452017588Gene WrightNew ROMs for the HP-41CL
HHCHHUC452017589Sylvain Cote41CL Self-Update
HHCHHUC4520175810Daniel McDonald"The End is Near" (or, "I love Pessimism")
HHCHHUC4520175811Bob ProsperiSearching... for calculators
HHCHHUC4520175812Namir ShammasPRNGs For Calculators
HHCHHUC4520175813Eric RechlinHP Calculator Archive Twentieth Anniversary
HHCHHUC4520175814Joe HornRecognition of Jake Schwartz
HHCHHUC4520175815Gene WrightDon't Make Me Wait
HHCHHUC4520175816Gene WrightCommodore Scientific Calculators
HHCHHUC4520175817Richard NelsonNot So Simple Power Calculations
HHCHHUC4520175818Richard SchwartzLog Tables
HHCHHUC4520175819Bob ProsperiHP-75 Update
HHCHHUC4520175820Tim WessmanImpromptu Q & A
HHCHHUC4520175821Namir ShammasHalley-Ostrowski Root-Seeking Method
HHCHHUC4520175822Eric RechlinWhat's on the HHC 2017 USB Drive
HHCHHUC4520175823Jake SchwartzEduCALC: A Look Back
HHCHHUC4520175824Eddie ShoreExtending the HP-12C: Programming for Scientific applications
HHCHHUC4520175825Don ShepherdDo Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate
HHCHHUC4520175826Gene WrightProgramming Contest Results
HHCHHUC4520175827Richard NelsonBest Speaker Award and Door Prizes
HHCHHUC4520175828EverybodyUsers' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC442016571Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC442016572EverybodyAttendee Introductions
HHCHHUC442016573Jim JohnsonHP Calculator Power Supplies from HP-35 to Prime
HHCHHUC442016574EverybodyGroup Drone Video
HHCHHUC442016575Tim WessmanWhat's New with HP Calculators
HHCHHUC442016576Tim Wessman, Chris Webb, Bill McDonough, Jason SmithHP Q&A Session
HHCHHUC442016577Don E. MorrisFrom the HP-35 to the HP-9825
HHCHHUC442016578Felix GrossCalculator Bibliography Update
HHCHHUC442016579Namir ShammasA Fistful of Tips and Tricks
HHCHHUC4420165710Jackie Woldering Raspberry Pi Update
HHCHHUC4420165711Richard NelsonNext Generation Calculator Measurements
HHCHHUC4420165712Gene WrightUpdate on the HP-41CL
HHCHHUC4420165713Sylvain CoteHP-41CL ROM Update
HHCHHUC4420165714Jim Donnelly3D Printing and Machining With The HP Prime
HHCHHUC4420165715Gunter SchinkNewRPL - A New Twist on RPL
HHCHHUC4420165716Gunter SchinkNew Kid On The Block (SwissMicros DM-42)
HHCHHUC4420165717Geoff QuickfallThe HP-01 "Cricket": The Past, Present and Future
HHCHHUC4420165718Bob Prosperi FRAM 71B
HHCHHUC4420165719Sylvain CoteHP-71B Compendium
HHCHHUC4420165720Namir ShammasMachine Learning for Best Linearized Regression Model Using the HP Prime
HHCHHUC4420165721Gene WrightIn Praise of the SR-56 Calculator
HHCHHUC4420165722Gene WrightProgramming Contest Results
HHCHHUC4420165723Richard NelsonBest Speaker Award
HHCHHUC4420165724EverybodyDoor Prizes
HHCHHUC4420165725EverybodyUsers' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC432015561Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC432015562Gene Wright and Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczProgramming Contests
HHCHHUC432015563EverybodyAttendee Introductions
HHCHHUC432015564Namir ShammasGenetic Algorithm Optimization using the HP Prime
HHCHHUC432015565Gunter SchinkHP 50g System Flash Upgrade
HHCHHUC432015566Tim WessmanWhat's new with HP Calculators
HHCHHUC432015567Gene WrightHP-41CL Update
HHCHHUC432015568Richard NelsonCoin Trivia
HHCHHUC432015569Mary Woldering"Children of Stone" = A Self-Publishing Saga
HHCHHUC4320155610Geoff QuickfallWoodstocks in the Twenty First Century
HHCHHUC4320155611Jake SchwartzThe WP-43S: A Specification In Search of a Platform
HHCHHUC4320155612Felix GrossUpdate on 342-page Calculator References List Project
HHCHHUC4320155613Eric SmithThe Glacial Pace of Scaled Reptiles
HHCHHUC4320155614Namir ShammasParticle Swarm Optimization using the HP Prime
HHCHHUC4320155615Jackie Woldering A Numeric Compression Algorithm for the HP Prime
HHCHHUC4320155616Bob Prosperi Virtual HP-IL (and related topics) Update
HHCHHUC4320155617Geoff QuickfallInformal Demos
HHCHHUC4320155618Richard NelsonReview of Swiss Micros' DM-41 and the Brand New DM-15L
HHCHHUC4320155619Jim JohnsonFritzing, China and the NP-25
HHCHHUC4320155620Bob ProsperiFRAM71 Introduction
HHCHHUC4320155621Tim Wessman & Cyrille de BrébissonHP Q&A Session
HHCHHUC4320155622Namir ShammasRandom Number Generators using Integer Array Shuffling with the HP Prime
HHCHHUC4320155623Namir ShammasHP-65 Pro emulator for the Apple iPad
HHCHHUC4320155624Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczPrime Savage (speed/accuracy comparisons)
HHCHHUC4320155625Gene WrightTI vs. HP and Fast Mode
HHCHHUC4320155626Tim WessmanPrime Larger Font and Automated Testing
HHCHHUC4320155627Jeff TupperHP Prime Graphing
HHCHHUC4320155628Richard Nelson, Gene Wright, Bill ButlerBest Speaker and Programming Contest Winners
HHCHHUC4320155629EverybodyDoor Prizes
HHCHHUC4320155630EverybodyUsers' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC422014551Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC422014552EverybodyAttendee Introductions
HHCHHUC422014553Namir ShammasBisection Plus Algorithms, Remembering Jack Stout
HHCHHUC422014554Tim WessmanAssorted Ramblings (HP presentation)
HHCHHUC422014555Bob ProsperiVirtual Loops, PIL Box, LIF, An Update on HP-IL
HHCHHUC422014556EverybodyGroup photo
HHCHHUC422014557Richard NelsonSolving Sans Computer, Calculator or Slide Rule
HHCHHUC422014558Geoff QuickfallCloud Fed: Sprinkle and Strew
HHCHHUC422014559Jake SchwartzCalculator Odds and Ends (Updated PPC Archive DVD plus WP 34S & 31S printed manuals)
HHCHHUC4220145510David RamseySomething Something Something Dark Side (HP 9810 & 9820 desktop calculators)
HHCHHUC4220145511Namir ShammasTrisection Algorithms
HHCHHUC4220145512Eric SmithScaled Reptiles from (Silicon) Laboratories (market research on the DIY Calc - "XC-42")
HHCHHUC4220145513Joseph HornHailstone Numbers: A Pattern Has Been Found
HHCHHUC4220145514Joseph HornThe LIF Disk Web Archive Project
HHCHHUC4220145515Geoff QuickfallHP-41 Card Reader Drive-Wheel Replacement Demonstration
HHCHHUC4220145516Tim Wessman & Cyrille de BrébissonHP Q & A
HHCHHUC4220145517Namir ShammasHP-41 Regression Program Generator
HHCHHUC4220145518Eric RechlinGeneral Projects Update
HHCHHUC4220145519Richard SchwartzBook Binding 2.0 plus Other Calculator Remarks
HHCHHUC4220145520Joe HornProgramming the same task on an HP-41, HP-71B, HP 50g, and HP Prime
HHCHHUC4220145521Bob ProsperiHHC eBay Topics
HHCHHUC4220145522Benoit MaagThe RPN-1200 Project
HHCHHUC4220145523Joseph HornProgramming Contest Results
HHCHHUC4220145524Richard NelsonBest Speaker Award
HHCHHUC4220145525Richard NelsonDoor Prizes
HHCHHUC4220145526Richard NelsonUsers' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC412013541Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC412013542EverybodyAttendee Introductions
HHCHHUC412013543Richard NelsonPeeking at Prime
HHCHHUC412013544Tim Wessman (HP)HP Prime Wireless Polls, Quizzes and More
HHCHHUC412013545Cyrille de Brébisson (HP)HP Prime Architecture
HHCHHUC412013546EverybodyGroup photo
HHCHHUC412013547Cyrille & TimHP Prime Q & A
HHCHHUC412013548Jim DonnellyVisualizing Data: A Journey From Calculator Development to the Machine Shop
HHCHHUC412013549Felix GrossUpdate: Where Can You Find Calculator Applications?
HHCHHUC4120135410Jim JohnsonHP-29C Calculator Diagnosis and Restoration
HHCHHUC4120135411Namir ShammasMy Favorite HP Prime Functions
HHCHHUC4120135412Eric SmithStill Larger Scaled Reptiles of the Nordic Countries (DIY Calculator Update)
HHCHHUC4120135413Jeremy SmithPlatonic Road Dots
HHCHHUC4120135414Richard NelsonAre Calculator Newsletters and Conferences Obsolete?
HHCHHUC4120135415Richard, Tim, CyrilleCalculator Conference Q & A
HHCHHUC4120135416Gene WrightThe Early HP Omnibook Laptops / Show and Tell
HHCHHUC4120135417Geoff QuickfallHPs at Work in Aviation
HHCHHUC4120135418Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczA Guide to HP Handheld Calculators and Computers
HHCHHUC4120135419Tim and CyrilleHP Q & A
HHCHHUC4120135420HP PanelRuth Petterson, Jason Smith, Cyrille de Brébisson, Tim Wessman
HHCHHUC4120135421David RamseyThe HP-85 Family
HHCHHUC4120135422Jake Schwartz and Jackie WolderingIncorporating Readable HP-41 PPC Journal Programs and Barcodes into the PPC DVD
HHCHHUC4120135423Chuck McCordTales from HP Corvallis
HHCHHUC4120135424Book Authors' PanelQ & A for Aspiring Authors
HHCHHUC4120135425Gene WrightProgramming Contest Results
HHCHHUC4120135426Richard NelsonBest Speaker Award
HHCHHUC4120135427Richard NelsonDoor Prizes
HHCHHUC4120135428Richard NelsonUsers' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC392012531Richard Nelson and groupOpening Remarks and Attendee Introductions
HHCHHUC392012532Jake SchwartzWP-34S and the HP Calculator Way
HHCHHUC392012533Gene WrightTablets vs. HP Calculators
HHCHHUC392012534Namir ShammasCalculator Root Finding: Scan Range Method
HHCHHUC392012535Roger HillThe Wrongulator
HHCHHUC392012536Richard NelsonMeasuring HP Calculator Current
HHCHHUC392012537Palmer HansonCalculating Before Calculators
HHCHHUC392012538Warren FurlowThe HP-41 is Alive and Well
HHCHHUC392012539Felix GrossWhere Can you Find the History of Calculator Applications?
HHCHHUC3920125310Pavneet AroraRe-tooling the Calculating Tool (or "Anti-Convergence")
HHCHHUC3920125311Tim Wessman of HPPromoting Healthy Foliage Growth in Gymnosperms
HHCHHUC3920125312Katie WessmanShow and Tell
HHCHHUC3920125313Gene WrightThese are a Few of My Favorite Things
HHCHHUC3920125314Jackie WolderingConverting HP-41C Programs to PDF - PPC barcode lives on
HHCHHUC3920125315Eric SmithEven Larger Scaled Reptiles of the Nordic Countries
HHCHHUC3920125316Namir ShammasCurve Fitting with Least Squares Relative Errors
HHCHHUC3920125317Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczIs it Really a Pathetic Name?
HHCHHUC3920125318Namir ShammasVariable Sampling Integration
HHCHHUC3920125319Rick FurrThe Making of The HPv2 Poster
HHCHHUC3920125320Jackie WolderingRaspberry Pi
HHCHHUC3920125321Tim WessmanHP Q&A Panel
HHCHHUC3920125322HHC 2012Best Speaker Award
HHCHHUC3920125323HHC 2012Programming Contest Results & Door Prizes
HHCHHUC3920125324HHC 2012Users' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC382011521Richard Nelson and groupOpening Remarks and Attendee Introductions
HHCHHUC382011522Tim Wessman of HP et al.Deciduous Trees of North America
HHCHHUC382011523Cyrille de Brébisson et al.Deciduous Trees of Europe
HHCHHUC382011524HP Q & A Panel - Laura, Julia, Cyrille, & TimAsk HP that burning question.
HHCHHUC382011525Dennis HarmsHP 12C - Why has it lasted 30 years?
HHCHHUC382011526Marcus von CubeHow WP 34S came into existence
HHCHHUC382011527Neil HamiltonWP 34S Assembler
HHCHHUC382011528Martin CohenRPN on Android Phones
HHCHHUC382011529Joseph HornThe 4 meanings of "Accurate to 3 Places"
HHCHHUC3820115210Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczHP-12Cs Through the Ages
HHCHHUC3820115211John CooperVoyager Re-Engineering KINOMI & KEMU
HHCHHUC3820115212David RamseyThe SR-60
HHCHHUC3820115213Namir ShammasHP 15c Execution Times
HHCHHUC3820115214Richard NelsonThe PPC ROM
HHCHHUC3820115215Eric SmithScaled Reptiles of the Nordic Countries
HHCHHUC3820115216Patrice TorchetHP-15C Benchmark: The Devil is in the Details
HHCHHUC3820115217Andreas MöllerHP 49g+ / 50g O.S. Extension Pack
HHCHHUC3820115218Geoff Quickfall and Gene Wright41CL Beta Test Results and Q&A Comments on using the 41CL
HHCHHUC3820115219Richard SchwartzGenerating Normal Deviates (HP 35s)
HHCHHUC3820115220Gene WrightUsing 41CL/PPC ROM -> 34S Matrix program
HHCHHUC3820115221Eric RechlinMaking HP Calculator Overlays
HHCHHUC3820115222Jake SchwartzAn HP-16C/WP 34S Dictionary
HHCHHUC3820115223Gene, Jake, Marcus, NeilWP 34S Q&A Panel
HHCHHUC3820115224HHC 2011Best Speaker Award
HHCHHUC3820115225HHC 2011Programming Contest Results & Door Prizes
HHCHHUC3820115226HHC 2011Users' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC372010511Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC372010512Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC372010513Richard NelsonThe Legacy Machine Question
HHCHHUC372010514Charles SchillingTales from HP Corvallis
HHCHHUC372010515HHC CommitteeThe Legacy Machine Question, Continued
HHCHHUC372010516Tim Wessman (HP)Random Musings on Nothing of Interest
HHCHHUC372010517Gene WrightHP 15c+ Speed Comparison
HHCHHUC372010518EverybodyGroup photo
HHCHHUC372010519Tim Wessman (HP)Open discussion about RPN
HHCHHUC3720105110Tim Wessman (HP)Examining a New Product's Development
HHCHHUC3720105111Gene WrightHP 10bII+ Demonstration
HHCHHUC3720105112Jake SchwartzMight A Tablet Be the Ideal Platform/UI for a Highly Complex Calculator?
HHCHHUC3720105113David HaydenHPObjects: A Comprehensive Library for Accessing Calculator Objects in C code with HPGCC
HHCHHUC3720105114Tim Wessman (HP)More Random Musings on Nothing of Interest
HHCHHUC3720105115Pavneet AroraDefining Markets for Calculators
HHCHHUC3720105116Jake SchwartzHP 30b repurpose 34S project update for Paul Dale and Walter Bonin
HHCHHUC3720105117Gene WrightNEWT Update for Monte J. Dalrymple
HHCHHUC3720105118T. Jason Smith (HP)Professional Exam Testing Calculator Requirements
HHCHHUC3720105119Eric SmithNew Classics, Part n+1
HHCHHUC3720105120Jeremy SmithPolyhedra
HHCHHUC3720105121Patrice TorchetRethinking the Classical Factorization Algorithm
HHCHHUC3720105122Tim, Jason, Laura, Scott Nedringhaus (all HP)HP Q & A
HHCHHUC3720105123Joe HornProgramming Contest Results
HHCHHUC3720105125Laura Harich (HP)Door Prizes and Best Speaker Award
HHCHHUC3720105126Richard NelsonUsers' Forum & Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC362009501Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC362009502Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC362009503Tim Wessman (HP)HP Calculators Inside to Outside
HHCHHUC362009504Ted KerberSimplifying Communication - HP 50g to Surveying Instruments
HHCHHUC362009505Namir ShammasRPN2
HHCHHUC362009506Tim Wessman (HP)How HP Builds Calculators
HHCHHUC362009507Richard NelsonRemembering the HP-41 / HP-IL System - the Untold Story
HHCHHUC362009508Tim, Cyrille and Dirk Dykson (all HP)HP Q & A
HHCHHUC362009509EverybodyGroup photo
HHCHHUC3620095010Hugh SteersCalculators on Calculators
HHCHHUC3620095011Richard SchwartzOn Annealing
HHCHHUC3620095012Cyrille and TimIntroducing the HP 30b
HHCHHUC3620095013Joseph K. Hornx<>y and Harley/Coke/Mustang Calculators + HP Calculator Bug Hunting
HHCHHUC3620095014Richard Ottosen"DIY RPN" Calculator Hardware
HHCHHUC3620095015Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczShould Einstein Have Used One?
HHCHHUC3620095016Geoff QuickfallHP-41C Calculator and Card Reader Restoration
HHCHHUC3620095017Cyrille de Brébisson (HP)"142164808C" - HP 50g System RPL Development
HHCHHUC3620095018Gene WrightProgramming on the HP 30b
HHCHHUC3620095019Gene and Cyrille30b Programming Q & A
HHCHHUC3620095020Gene WrightThe New Product Generation Process (Griffin Technology - iPhone/iPod products)
HHCHHUC3620095021Brian MaguireFundamentals of a Computer Algebra System (CAS)
HHCHHUC3620095022Andreas MöllerAn Improved HP 50g Stopwatch Application and An Enhanced Solver Application
HHCHHUC3620095023Egan FordHP-IL 2009
HHCHHUC3620095024Jake SchwartzE-Ink, Haptic Touch and MEMS
HHCHHUC3620095025Richard SchwartzThe KY-0 Starbucks Crypto System
HHCHHUC3620095026Richard NelsonBest Speaker Award
HHCHHUC3620095027Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczProgramming Contest Winner
HHCHHUC3620095028Richard NelsonDoor prize drawing
HHCHHUC3620095029Richard NelsonUsers' Forum and Conference Conclusion
HHCHHUC352008491Richard NelsonWelcome
HHCHHUC352008492Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC352008493EverybodyGroup photo
HHCHHUC352008494Brian MaguireEvolution of Dynamic Geometry Software
HHCHHUC352008495Sharon Butterfield (ex HP)Memories From the HP-35 Development Years
HHCHHUC352008496Gene WrightProgramming Contest
HHCHHUC352008497Sam Kim (HP)HP Calculators Up To Date
HHCHHUC352008498Jake SchwartzImproving Keystroke Efficiency in HP's Recent Business Calculators
HHCHHUC352008499Richard NelsonFourier StreamSmart 400 Probes
HHCHHUC3520084910G.T. Springer (HP)HP MCL and Data Streaming
HHCHHUC3520084911Charlie Patton (ex HP)Cognitive Science and Calculator Design
HHCHHUC3520084912Eric SmithCalculator Simulations
HHCHHUC3520084913Felix GrossPatent Documents: Looking for the History and Future of Calculators
HHCHHUC3520084914Richard NelsonIf I Were Wing King
HHCHHUC3520084915HP Panel Q & ASam Kim, G.T. Springer and Cyrille de Brébisson
HHCHHUC3520084916Andreas MöllerAn HP 50g Multilingual Pack
HHCHHUC3520084917Joseph HornReverse Polarized Denotation: Polarization in HP Calculator LCDs
HHCHHUC3520084918Jim Donnelly and Megha Shyam (ex HP)HP Ex-Corvallis Folks Sharing a Bit of History
HHCHHUC3520084919Megha Shyam (ex HP)The Future of Calculators
HHCHHUC3520084920Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczCould Einstein Have Used One? Part II
HHCHHUC3520084921Cyrille de Brébisson (HP)HP 20b as a Product Development Platform
HHCHHUC3520084922Gene WrightHP 20b Flash Programming Demonstration
HHCHHUC3520084923Felix GrossCalculator Literature - 725 Documents
HHCHHUC3520084924Namir ShammasNew Root-Seeking Algorithms
HHCHHUC3520084925Karl SchneiderSuggested Functionality for Successor or Update to the HP 35s
HHCHHUC3520084926Pavneet AroraHP 50g Construction Application
HHCHHUC3520084927Gene WrightWalter's Calculator Suggestions (presented for Walter Bonin)
HHCHHUC3520084928Michael O'SheaHP 97 and HP 67 Emulator Demo
HHCHHUC3520084929Namir ShammasShammas Polynomials
HHCHHUC3520084930Richard NelsonBest-speaker award
HHCHHUC3520084931Gene WrightProgramming contest winner
HHCHHUC3520084932Richard NelsonDoor prize drawing
HHCHHUC3520084933Richard NelsonUser's forum: Q & A, next conference
HHCHHUC3520084934Jim DonnellyCustomer Loyalty
HHCHHUC332007471Sam Kim and Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC332007472Richard NelsonAttendee introductions
HHCHHUC332007473Richard NelsonMore announcements
HHCHHUC332007474Richard NelsonGroup photo
HHCHHUC332007475Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczWould Einstein Have Used One?
HHCHHUC332007476Sam Kim of HPHP calculator update
HHCHHUC332007477Gene WrightProgramming Contest
HHCHHUC332007478Richard NelsonHP Halo Project
HHCHHUC332007479Jake SchwartzCupertino to Corvallis to Singapore to Melbourne to San Diego: Are we there yet?
HHCHHUC3320074710Hugh SteersReal 21st Century Calculation
HHCHHUC3320074711Tim WessmanSquare Peg -> Round Hole: Challenges of Modeling the round Earth on a flat Plane
HHCHHUC3320074712Namir ShammasExtended Best Linearized Regression
HHCHHUC3320074713Jean-Yves AvenardEDGE: EmbeDded Graphic Engine from Hydrix
HHCHHUC3320074714Jeff BronfieldUpdate on Electrical Power Engineering Calculator Applications
HHCHHUC3320074715Gary Tenzer and GroupIf I Were HP-King-For-A-Day Forum
HHCHHUC3320074716Martin CohenWhat I would Change In The HP 35s
HHCHHUC3320074717Howard OwenMLDL2000 and HEPAX How-To
HHCHHUC3320074718Andreas MöllerTreeBrowser - Another Equation Library Approach
HHCHHUC3320074719Bruce HorrocksA Proposal for a Simple Scientific Calculator
HHCHHUC3320074720RecordingInterview with Dave Cochran
HHCHHUC3320074721Eric RechlinA new HP 50g Serial Cable
HHCHHUC3320074722Richard NelsonDay-2 Morning Announcements
HHCHHUC3320074723Cyrille de BrébissonCalculator Technology
HHCHHUC3320074724Eric SmithHow To Make A Small Fortune Engineering New Calculators
HHCHHUC3320074725Don ShepherdTI-nSpire Calculator Demonstration
HHCHHUC3320074726Gene WrightNew Machine Ideas
HHCHHUC3320074727Ted KerberThe 35s and Its Expandable power
HHCHHUC3320074728Sam Kim and Cyrille de BrébissonHP Panel - General Q & A
HHCHHUC3320074729Richard NelsonHow many Keys Should a Personal Calculator Have?
HHCHHUC3320074730Richard Nelson and Jake SchwartzTime line of HHC 2007 & 2008 Calendar of HP Personal Calculators
HHCHHUC3320074731Richard Nelson and Gene WrightA couple of auctions (41C, Eric Smith's folded Mylar calculator)
HHCHHUC3320074732Gene WrightProgramming contest winner
HHCHHUC3320074733Richard NelsonBest-speaker award
HHCHHUC3320074734Richard NelsonDoor prize drawing
HHCHHUC3320074735Richard NelsonUser's forum: General HPUC Q & A, HPCC 2007 in London 2 weeks later, suggestions for HHC 2008
HPCCHHUC342007481Bruce HorrocksWelcome
HPCCHHUC342007482Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczOpening Remarks
HPCCHHUC342007483Jake SchwartzThe "Twenty-four Years of Datafile" CD
HPCCHHUC342007484Hugh Steers"Formlua": A New Programming Environment for HP Calculators
HPCCHHUC342007485Tony DuellRestoring an HP-9820 Desktop Calculator
HPCCHHUC342007486Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczHP Calculator and Club History
HPCCHHUC342007487Meindert KuipersThe MLDL2000
HPCCHHUC342007488Andreas MöllerThe TreeBrowser: Another Approach To Your Equation Library
HPCCHHUC342007489Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczSummarizes Eric Smith's Work on "DIY" RPN Calculators
HPCCHHUC3420074810Tony DuellDisassembles the HP-9816 Desktop Calculator
HPCCHHUC3420074811Hugh SteersDemonstrates HP 50g "Formlua" 1.01 Beta
HPCCHHUC3420074812Hugh SteersProgramming on Early Casio Programmable Calculators
HPCCHHUC3420074813Bruce HorrocksA Proposed New "Voyager"-Class Scientific Calculator
HPCCHHUC3420074814Bruce Horrocks & Dave CulverClosing Remarks & The HP 35 Anniversary Cake
HHCHHUC322006461Richard NelsonWelcome
HHCHHUC322006462Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC322006463Sam KimIntroduction to HP Origins Video
HHCHHUC322006464HPHP Origins Video
HHCHHUC322006465Cyrille de BrébissonFuture Calculator Technology
HHCHHUC322006466Sam KimThe Future of HP Calculators
HHCHHUC322006467Gene WrightHP 12C Basics
HHCHHUC322006468Brian MaguireData Streamers, the next generation
HHCHHUC322006469Ted KerberSurveying with the HP 49/50g Calculator
HHCHHUC3220064610Sam Kim and Cyrille de BrébissonHP Forum Q&A
HHCHHUC3220064611Richard NelsonKeeping HP Calculators distinguishable
HHCHHUC3220064612Eric SmithSimulations of HP-21, 22, 25, 25C, 27, & 29C. The 30 series and the HP-41 are yet to come.
HHCHHUC3220064613Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczThe Ideal HP 33s - The eye problem and more
HHCHHUC3220064614Gene WrightConference DVD contents (Part 1)
HHCHHUC3220064615Gene WrightInteresting programs for the HP-12C
HHCHHUC3220064616Gene WrightConference DVD contents (Part 2)
HHCHHUC3220064617Jake SchwartzConference DVD contents (Part 3)
HHCHHUC3220064618Richard NelsonCalculator Keyboard Comparison
HHCHHUC3220064619Jean-Yves AvenardHydrix Handheld-Related Projects
HHCHHUC3220064620Gene WrightThe HP-41C Lives!
HHCHHUC3220064621Tim WessmanGetting Started with HPGCC and the DC-49
HHCHHUC3220064622Jeff BronfieldThe method of Symmetrical Components
HHCHHUC3220064623Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczThe latest HP Calculator Books
HHCHHUC3220064624John CadickThe Per Unit System
HHCHHUC3220064625Jake SchwartzTwenty Years of HP Videos 1986-2005
HHCHHUC3220064626Gene WrightCAS features of the HP40g
HHCHHUC3220064627Sam KimHP Panel Q & A
HHCHHUC3220064628Richard NelsonBest Speaker Award
HHCHHUC3220064629Richard NelsonDoor Prize Drawing
HHCHHUC3220064630User's forumGeneral HPUC Q & A, suggestions for HHC 2007 when there will be two Conferences - San Diego and London
HHCHHUC312005451Richard NelsonWelcome
HHCHHUC312005452Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC312005453Richard NelsonRichard's Random Ramblings
HHCHHUC312005454Gene WrightThe HP 49g+ Advanced Users Reference Manual
HHCHHUC312005455Tim WessmanThe Create-A-Calculator Contest Winning Design
HHCHHUC312005456Eric SmithThe Nonpareil Classic HP Calc Simulator Update
HHCHHUC312005457Namir ShammasRoot Solving Methods
HHCHHUC312005458Cyrille de BrébissonDigging Past the Core of the "Apples"
HHCHHUC312005459Paul HubbertElectronics Goodies Update
HHCHHUC3120054510Rick FurrCollecting HP Calcs and Creating an HP Calculator Poster
HHCHHUC3120054511Brian WalshEnhancing the HP Calc Program User Interface
HHCHHUC3120054512Frank TravisBring Back The Older HP Calcs
HHCHHUC3120054513Richard NelsonFun With Magnets
HHCHHUC3120054514Eric RechlinAn hpcalc.org Update
HHCHHUC3120054515Richard NelsonExperimenting With Magnets
HHCHHUC3120054516Tim WessmanHP 49g+ Surveying Software Update
HHCHHUC3120054517Gene WrightDeveloping the HP 12c Platinum Users Guide
HHCHHUC3120054518Richard NelsonMore Experimenting With Magnets
HHCHHUC3120054519Ron JohnsonHP Lightscribe CD Technology
HHCHHUC3120054520Namir ShammasSOLVE in HP Calculators
HHCHHUC3120054521Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczDelayed Evaluation in Calculator Entry Logic
HHCHHUC3120054522Eric SmithNew "Classics"
HHCHHUC3120054523Tim Wessman and John EversSurveying Software/Hardware Demo
HHCHHUC3120054524Gene Wright and Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczHP at 2005 Educational Math Conferences
HHCHHUC3120054525Jake SchwartzAn Update to PPC CD #3: Twenty-Two Years of HPCC Datafile
HHCHHUC3120054526Richard SchwartzSolving A Polynomial of Interest on the HP 30s
HHCHHUC3120054527Bill ButlerBest Speaker Award
HHCHHUC3120054528Richard NelsonDoor Prize Drawing
HHCHHUC3120054529Richard NelsonClosing Remarks, Next Conference?
HHCHHUC302004441Ted Kerber and Richard NelsonWelcome
HHCHHUC302004442Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC302004443Gene WrightContents of Conference CD
HHCHHUC302004444Jake SchwartzProper Calculator Keyboards and Attachable Keyboard Overlays
HHCHHUC302004445Bill ButlerHow I Use My "HP-XX"
HHCHHUC302004446Ted KerberThird Party Applications for the HP 49g+
HHCHHUC302004447Gene WrightCalculating Contrast
HHCHHUC302004448Roke Ghodsi, Cyrille de Brébisson, Art GarciaCurrrent Status of the HP Calc Business with Q & A
HHCHHUC302004449Richard NelsonSuperman Looks at the HP 17bII+
HHCHHUC3020044410Martin CohenProgramming the HP 33s
HHCHHUC3020044411Dave HicksHitchikers' Guide to the HP Museum
HHCHHUC3020044412Paul HubbertBattery Charging & Internet Bargains
HHCHHUC3020044413Richard NelsonBook Binding
HHCHHUC3020044414Monte DalrympleThe NEWT (Nut, Extended, With Turbo) Microprocessor and the 41CL Calculator
HHCHHUC3020044415David ShierA Look at HP iPAQ Handhelds, and Inviting James Bond Into Your Office
HHCHHUC3020044416Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczTen Things A Calculator Will Never Do
HHCHHUC3020044417Eric RechlinThe History and Operation of hpcalc.org
HHCHHUC3020044418Tim WessmanDC-49 Surveying Data Collector
HHCHHUC3020044419Eric SmithUpdate on Microcode Simulation of Early HP Calculators
HHCHHUC3020044420Joseph K. HornPDQ Unbound: No More Limitations
HHCHHUC3020044421Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczCalculators at Education Conferences
HHCHHUC3020044422Joe HornProgramming Contest Winner
HHCHHUC3020044423Richard NelsonDoor Prize Drawing
HHCHHUC3020044424Richard NelsonClosing
HHCHHUC292003431Richard NelsonWelcome
HHCHHUC292003432Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC292003433Jake SchwartzPPC CD #4: Australian Newletters & Conference Proceedings 1979-99
HHCHHUC292003434John Cadick & Jeff BronfeldUseful 48 Utilities for Power Systems Engineers
HHCHHUC292003435Marc StapsPower48 on A Palm Tungsten - A Year Later
HHCHHUC292003436Lee-Khuan GohHP Calculator Strategy and Create-a-Calculator Contest
HHCHHUC292003437Tony Jones & Cyrille de BrébissonHP Calculator Roadmap
HHCHHUC292003438David ShierWireless Data Comes of Age - finally!
HHCHHUC292003439Fred ValdezDinner Speech
HHCHHUC2920034310Louis SkeltonCollecting HP Calculators
HHCHHUC2920034311Tony Jones, Cyrille de Brébisson, Fred Valdez, Lee-Khuan GohHP Calculators Q&A
HHCHHUC2920034312Joseph K. HornThe PDQ Algorithm: Rational Approximation of Irrational Numbers / Beyond Continued Fractions
HHCHHUC2920034313Ted KerberProfessional HP 49 Survey Applications Issues
HHCHHUC2920034314Brian MaguireLearning Tool Software Development
HHCHHUC2920034315Peter BonifaceThe HP 48 In Academia
HHCHHUC2920034316Paul HubbertBattery Charging & Internet Bargains
HHCHHUC2920034317William GravesThe New HP 48/49 Connectivity Kit & DEBUG4X
HHCHHUC2920034318Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczVital Functions Not on Today's Machines
HHCHHUC2920034319Richard NelsonProgramming Contests, Best Speaker Awards, and Door Prizes
HHCHHUC2920034320Richard Nelson, Tony Jones, Cyrille de BrébissonUser's forum: General Q & A
HPCCHHUC282002422Frank WalesTwenty Years of HPCC
HPCCHHUC282002423Jake SchwartzSources of HP Handheld Information
HPCCHHUC282002424Jean-Yves AvenardComments on the HP 49
HPCCHHUC282002425Tony DuellInside the HP-9100B
HPCCHHUC282002426Jo VandaleThe Big HP 33E
HPCCHHUC282002427Fred Valdez, Tony JonesHP Presentation
HPCCHHUC282002428Bruce HorrocksInteracting With HP
HPCCHHUC282002429J. Manrique Lopez de la FuenteXCAS and the SDA Project
HPCCHHUC2820024210Philippe RousselUsing the HP 48 Solver & Long Float Library
HPCCHHUC2820024211Richard NelsonExcellence in HP Financial Calculators
HPCCHHUC2820024212Marc StapsKeeping the HP Enthusiasm Alive
HPCCHHUC2820024213Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczWhat Happened to ACO?
HPCCHHUC2820024214Richard NelsonProgramming Contest Results
HPCCHHUC2820024215Jean-Yves AvenardThe New HP 49 SDK
HPCCHHUC2820024216Paul HubbertDiscount Electronics on the Internet
HPCCHHUC2820024217Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and Paul HubbertDoor Prize Drawing, Best Speaker, and Closing
HHCHHUC272001411Ron JohnsonOpening Remarks and Intros
HHCHHUC272001412Paul HubbertThe "Robot" Calculator
HHCHHUC272001413Ron JohnsonTools
HHCHHUC272001414Richard NelsonThe HP Xpander
HHCHHUC272001415Richard SchwartzBig Lies We Are Taught In School
HHCHHUC272001416Brian WalshFluid Flow Solutions
HHCHHUC272001417Paul HubbertOpinions on Palm-type PDAs
HHCHHUC272001418Richard NelsonPPC/CHHU/HP Relations
HHCHHUC272001419Paul KettlerThe Solver
HHCHHUC2720014110Ron JohnsonStructural Engineering and the WTC Collapse
HHCHHUC2720014111Jake SchwartzRunning HP 48/49 Emulator on HP Jornada
HHCHHUC2720014112Roger HillMaking the HP-41 Talk
HHCHHUC2720014113Richard Nelson and Paul HubbertDoor Prize Drawing
HHCHHUC2720014114Richard Nelson and Paul HubbertBest Speaker Award
HHCHHUC262000401Richard NelsonOpen Conference
HHCHHUC262000402Richard NelsonAttendee Introductions
HHCHHUC262000403Richard NelsonSomething Old. Guess this Accessory Contest winner. A bit of history
HHCHHUC262000404Dennis YorkSomething Very New. The Ranger - A New Handheld, The Inside Story
HHCHHUC262000405Brian WalshCalculator Alternatives
HHCHHUC262000406Marc StapsCalculators, Clubs, & Conferences
HHCHHUC262000407Paul HubbertSmall Electronics Rechargable Battery Update, CHEAP MP3
HHCHHUC262000408David ShierWireless medical database application
HHCHHUC262000409Ted KerberThe Rise and Fall of the HP Third-Party Experiment
HHCHHUC2620004010Group DiscussionWhat should a student calculator do besides math?
HHCHHUC2620004011Richard NelsonDoor Prizes
HHCHHUC2620004012Richard NelsonSynergism, Books, and More
HHCHHUC2620004013Richard NelsonClassic Electronics Problems - The AWG Table
HHCHHUC2620004014David ShierThe Curta Calculator
HHCHHUC2620004015Jake SchwartzA Survey Of HP Calculator Numeric Keypads
HHCHHUC2620004016Group discussionThe Xpander, what should it do or not do?
HHCHHUC2620004017Richard Nelson, Paul Hubbert, Jake SchwartzUS Club Activity Report. CHIP Newsletter
HHCHHUC2620004018Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczHP Handhelds User Group Activity In Europe
HHCHHUC2620004019Group discussionNext Conference. Seattle? Philadelphia?
HHCHHUC2620004020Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and Richard NelsonRPN Advocacy HP 39 Vs. HP 40
HHCHHUC2620004021Richard NelsonProgramming Contest Results, Best Speaker Vote
HHCHHUC2620004022Richard NelsonDoor Prize Drawing and Closing
HHCHHUC251999391Whit HickmanWelcome and Introductions
HHCHHUC251999392Jeff BloughIntroduction
HHCHHUC251999393Jean-Yves AvenardPresenting the HP 49G
HHCHHUC251999394Jean-Yves AvenardHP 49G architecture versus HP 48 series
HHCHHUC251999395Jim DonnellyBuilding HP 48/49 Libraries
HHCHHUC251999396Richard Nelson & Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczOne-Minute Marvels: HP 48/49 Tips & Routines
HHCHHUC251999397Dan MacDonaldLIF File transfer between PCs and HP-IL devices
HHCHHUC251999398Brian WalshMemory Management and Synchronization
HHCHHUC251999399Jake SchwartzThe PPC CD-ROM Set: An Update
HHCHHUC2519993910Richard Nelson and Jean-Yves AvenardLooking Inside the 49G (and Prototypes)
HHCHHUC2519993911Ted KerberHP 49 Fonts for Printing on the PC
HHCHHUC2519993912Dennis YorkA Ruggedized Windows CE Handheld for Surveyors
HHCHHUC2519993913Megha ShyamQuality Assurance in Software / Desires in Hardware for High-End Graphing Calculators
HHCHHUC2519993914Vern LindsayThe Firmware Systems' Portable Datalab data acquisition device for HP 38/48/49
HHCHHUC2519993915Jeremy SmithA "stream-of-consciousness" discussion on the development of handheld electronic devices
HHCHHUC2519993916Richard NelsonProgramming Contest Results and Prizes
HHCHHUC2519993917HP PanelDiscussion with ACO
HHCHHUC2519993918HHC 1999Conference Wrap-Up
HHCHHUC2519993919Cyrille de BrébissonHP Developer Training: The HP 49 Software Development Kit
HHCHHUC241998381Jeff BloughWelcome
HHCHHUC241998382Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC241998383Megha ShyamSoftware Development
HHCHHUC241998384Ted KerberThe Making of the Font
HHCHHUC241998385Vern LindsayNew PLDL2000
HHCHHUC241998386Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczYear 2000 Bugs - Need We Worry?
HHCHHUC241998387Jake SchwartzPPC CD-ROM Set: A Work In Progress
HHCHHUC241998388Raan YoungWhen Whim and Reality Collide
HHCHHUC241998389Jake SchwartzGlimpse of the conference dinner
HHCHHUC2419983810Richard NelsonOpening an HP-95C
HHCHHUC2419983811Megha ShyamDerive on a Handheld - The TI-89
HHCHHUC2419983812Jim DonnellyFun with Input Forms
HHCHHUC2419983813Ted KerberSurveying Data Collection with the HP 48
HHCHHUC2419983814Brian WalshHP 48 Help System
HHCHHUC2419983815Richard NelsonStoring Thermocouple Tables on the HP 48G/GX
HHCHHUC2419983816PanelQ & A with HP and Others
HHCHHUC2419983817Richard NelsonProgramming Contest Winners
HHCHHUC2419983818Richard NelsonDoor Prizes
HHCHHUC2419983819NigelDesign a Calculator Competition
HHCHHUC2419983820Megha ShyamClosing Words and Announcement on Future Conferences
HPCCHHUC231997371Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
HPCCHHUC231997372Chris Wallin (HP Australia)New Australian Calculator Operation
HPCCHHUC231997373Richard Kirby (HP Europe)Calculator traditions, past and future
HPCCHHUC231997374Garry Heinze (HP Australia)Future trends of calculator development at HP
HPCCHHUC231997375Graham CawseyThe HP 320LX
HPCCHHUC231997376Eric Vogel (HP)The Logic Dart, A Different Kind of HP Handheld
HPCCHHUC231997377Richard NelsonComments on the PLDL-100 I/O box for the HP 48 plus announcements
HPCCHHUC231997378Jake Schwartz and Jean-Yves AvenardBasic Features of the HP 48 Metakernel / Advanced Metakernel Features
HPCCHHUC231997379Joost van't SpijkerSkyline Functions and Graphic Calculators
HPCCHHUC2319973710EveryoneGlimpse of the lunch/vendor area
HPCCHHUC2319973711Richard Nelson and Gerlof DongaClubs, calculators, 1999 Dutch conference, and more
HPCCHHUC2319973712HP PanelQ&A from the audience
HPCCHHUC2319973713EveryoneGlimpse of the conference dinner
HPCCHHUC2319973714Eric VogelPersonal views on the recent evolution of the HP calculator division
HPCCHHUC2319973715Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczSunday morning opening remarks
HPCCHHUC2319973716Phillippe RousselThe ALG48 Math Library for the HP 48
HPCCHHUC2319973717Gerlof DongaA Personal View of the Future of Calculators
HPCCHHUC2319973718Tony DuellI2C: The New HP-IL?
HPCCHHUC2319973719Megha ShyamNew Products for the HP 38/48 from DaVinci Software
HPCCHHUC2319973720Harry Sauer (local HP rep)Contest for user-clubs in designing the next calculator
HPCCHHUC2319973721Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczThe Right Job for the Right Tool?
HPCCHHUC2319973722Marc StapsThe Dutch Calculator Museum and the HP-35
HPCCHHUC2319973723Enrico TedeschiCollecting Calculators
HPCCHHUC2319973724Phillippe RousselInteger Wordsize on the HP 48: What's in a Name?
HPCCHHUC2319973725Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczAnnouncements
HPCCHHUC2319973726Richard NelsonProgramming Contest Results / Door prizes
HPCCHHUC2319973727Eric VogelLogic Dart Power Management
HPCCHHUC2319973728Gerlof DongaComments / Glimpse of the HP auction
HPCCHHUC2319973729Wlodek/Richard/GerlofClosing remarks: conferences now and in the future
HPCCHHUC2319973730EveryonePost-conference gathering
HPCCHHUC2319973731Personal FX8-minute excerpt from show showing Guy Ball's calculator collection
PAHHCOTH111997361Eric VogelHP Logic Dart
PAHHCOTH111997362Eric VogelHP Notebooks, Palmtops, and Calculators Q&A
WCESOTH101997351Jake SchwartzWinter CES Highlights
WCESOTH101997352Jake SchwartzWinter CES Slide Transfers with Narration
HHCHHUC221996341David ShierOpening Remarks
HHCHHUC221996342Kheng-Joo Khaw (HP)Keynote Speaker
HHCHHUC221996343Joseph K. HornA Contrast Study of RPL, SRPL and Machine Code
HHCHHUC221996344Mary Long (GeoWorks)PC Connectivity and the OmniGo 100
HHCHHUC221996345Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczWriting for Users and Writing for Collectors
HHCHHUC221996346Lawrence J. Dickson, PhDOccam (tm) Road Map to DOS PC
HHCHHUC221996347Vern LindsayA New Classroom Data Logger
HHCHHUC221996348Mark Scardina (ACE Technologies)Palmtop Electronic Mail
HHCHHUC221996349Jake SchwartzAn Overview of the HP 48 Meta Kernel: An Alternate User Interface
HHCHHUC2219963410Avi Meshar (D&A Software)Palmtops and Internet
HHCHHUC2219963411T Stein, G La Borde and A. ZygielbaumUse of the Palmtop in Amateur Radio Communication
HHCHHUC2219963412Gilles KohlPAL - the Palmtop Application Library
HHCHHUC2219963413Ted J. Kerber (D'Zign)Programmer/End-User Interfacing - How Easy Are Your Programs to Use?
HHCHHUC2219963414Jeff Molson (IBM Canada)The Future of Palmtop Memory
HHCHHUC2219963415Conrad Cox, S.P.A.M.The Care and Feeding of Palmtop User Groups
HHCHHUC2219963416David Erbas-WhiteAn Expanded Memory Manager for 5MB Palmtops
HHCHHUC2219963417Richard Nelson (EduCalc)Using Nulls on the HP 48
HHCHHUC2219963418Hal Goldstein (Thaddeus Publishing)Why Do People Love Their HP Palmtop PC?
HHCHHUC2219963419Brian WalshHP 48 String Utilities
HHCHHUC2219963420David Shier (Shier Systems & Software)Wireless Communications
HHCHHUC2219963421Gary L. FriedmanThe Data Egg - Fullfilling the Promise of Portable Computing
HHCHHUC2219963422Carl MerkleA Consumer's Perspective of the HP Palmtop
HHCHHUC2219963423Chuck Willette (Sandisk)PCMCIA Memory Cards
HHCHHUC2219963424D.G. JohansenReusable Components for Rapid Application Development
HHCHHUC2219963425Kheng-Joo Khaw (HP), Hal Goldstein (Thaddeus), Dennis Coffin (Grapevine)Panel Discussion
HHCHHUC2219963426David ShierDoor Prize Awards
HHCHHUC2219963427David ShierClosing remarks (Future Conference Planning)
HHCHHUC211995331HHC 1995Friday evening (8/4) glimpses of the informal gathering @ Mall of America
HHCHHUC211995332Craig Finseth and Richard NelsonSaturday morning conference introductions, etc.
HHCHHUC211995333Kheng Joo Khaw (HP Singapore)What's happening with HP handhelds and palmtops
HHCHHUC211995334David ShierThe Laptop in Your Pocket
HHCHHUC211995335Diana Byrne (HP Corvallis)Telecommuting Thousands of Miles on the Internet
HHCHHUC211995336Andris Lauris (IBM)Mass Storage Design Notes
HHCHHUC211995337Paul HubbertBattery and Ink Alternatives
HHCHHUC211995338Joseph HornIntroducing Goodies Disk #10 and the HP 48 Hacker's ROM Card
HHCHHUC211995339Don JohansenCard Basic Design Notes
HHCHHUC2119953310Michael DombroskiA One-Hand Keyboard for Palmtop Computers
HHCHHUC2119953311Ron JohnsonWhy I Lost My Enthusiasm for HP Calculators
HHCHHUC2119953312Vern Lindsay (Firmware Co.)FSI and the Rise of the Classroom Display
HHCHHUC2119953313Bruce Bruemmer (Babbage Institute)Preserving the History of Computing and Calculating
HHCHHUC2119953314Mike SharpTime Management on HP Palmtops
HHCHHUC2119953315Feng Yuan (HP Singapore)Progress in Pascal Compiler for HP 48/38 Calculators
HHCHHUC2119953316Jim Donnelly (HP Corvallis)HP 38 Miscellaneous comments and demos
HHCHHUC2119953317Eric SmithSimulating HP Processors
HHCHHUC2119953318Jim DonnellyFocused Exploration With HP 38G Aplets
HHCHHUC2119953319Jeremy SmithThat Would Be Cool
HHCHHUC2119953320HHC 1995Views of the Conference Calculator Wall of Fame
HHCHHUC2119953321Dale CurtisPalmtops at the Harvard Medical School
HHCHHUC2119953322Brian WalshHP 48 Solvers and Applications
HHCHHUC2119953323Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczWe're All Collectors Now
HHCHHUC2119953324Rob HaackObject-Oriented Business Design
HHCHHUC2119953325Joe Powell (HP San Diego)Tracking Computer Satisfaction Issues
HHCHHUC2119953326Kent PetersonSimplicity, Software and Shareware
HHCHHUC2119953327Ed KeefeProgramming: The Next Generation; Visual, OOP
HHCHHUC2119953328HP PanelAn HP Panel Fields Questions from the Audience
HHCHHUC2119953329Craig Finseth and Richard NelsonAnnouncements
HHCHHUC2119953330Jake SchwartzThe Vertical-Format Handheld User Interface
HHCHHUC2119953331Richard NelsonDoor prize distribution and best speaker/paper awards
HHCHHUC2119953332Group DiscussionNext conference - where, when, etc. (tentatively: Los Angeles in Summer 1996; London in 1997)
HHCHHUC2119953333HHC 1995Closing remarks
SCESMINI171995321Richard NelsonIntroduction
SCESMINI171995322Joe WallyHigh-End Sun Sparc Laptops for CAD/CAM Use
SCESMINI171995323Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczBook about HP Calculators, Obscure Models Slideshow
SCESMINI171995324Paul HubbertBatteries and Inkjet Printers
SCESMINI171995325Richard NelsonHP 38G Internal Tour and EduCalc
SCESMINI171995326Eric SmithClassic Calculator Simulators
PAHHC2OTH091995311Jake SchwartzOverview: Online Resources, New TI-92
PAHHC2OTH091995312Jim LawsonThe New HP 38G
PAHHC2OTH091995313Jim LawsonQ & A, Donnelly's Book, Rumors, etc
PAHHCOTH081995301Gene RawdinUsing the HP 19BII Calculator
WCESMINI161995291Richard NelsonIntroductions
WCESMINI161995292Jake SchwartzActivities of the Philadelphia Area HP Handheld Club and HP 48 programming classes
WCESMINI161995293Richard NelsonOrange County, Calif. HP group
WCESMINI161995294Brian Walsh and Paul HubbertChicago CHIP group's activities
WCESMINI161995295Paul HubbertInkjet printers with respect to HP versus Epson quality
WCESMINI161995296Paul HubbertOther HP user groups, college and otherwise
WCESMINI161995297Richard NelsonSmall portable printers Citizen PN60 and Pentax Pocketjet
WCESMINI161995298Brian WalshHP 48 "training" video is worthwhile viewing
WCESMINI161995299Richard NelsonNext HP Conference August 5-6, 1995 in Minnesota sponsored by Craig Finseth
WCESMINI1619952910Richard NelsonNews from CES, New TI-80, Upcoming TI-92, etc
WCESMINI1619952911Richard NelsonRichard Nelson finally in financial stability, new condo will house calc library and "museum"
WCESMINI1619952912Richard NelsonHandheld instrumentation may be revived within HP soon
WCESMINI1619952913Richard NelsonRCA DSS digital satellite system prominent at the CES
WCESMINI1619952914Paul HubbertCreative Labs' "Share Vision" PC/video over phone lines in a monitor window
WCESMINI1619952915Joseph HornHP 48 software demos
WCESMINI1619952916Jake SchwartzOMNIBUS spreadsheet ROM card demo with three examples
WCESMINI1619952917Jake SchwartzWCES Highlights
HHCHHUC201994281Michiel NiemeyerMatrices and Eigenvalues on the HP 48
HHCHHUC201994282(unknown)Programming Contest
HHCHHUC201994283Ferren MacIntyreButtons for the Singular-Value Decomposition
HHCHHUC201994284Diana ByrneDevelopment on the 48GX and the 48SX
HHCHHUC201994285Tim CampbellIndustrial HP 48 Applications
HHCHHUC201994286(unknown)Odd Bringslid's Calculus Application Card for the 48
HHCHHUC201994287Kheng Joo KhawNews from HP Singapore
HHCHHUC201994288HP PanelQ & A Session
HHCHHUC201994289Toby KoendersJudging Numbers
HHCHHUC2019942810(unknown)Debugging on the HP 42S
HHCHHUC2019942811Ph. J. RousselUnit Objects, Complex Numbers, Solver, and more
HHCHHUC2019942812(unknown)New HP 200LX
HHCHHUC2019942813(unknown)Contest Winner
HHCHHUC2019942814(unknown)HP 200LX Q & A Session
HHCHHUC2019942815(unknown)More Prize Distribution
HHCHHUC2019942816Bjørn BringslidThird Party Products for Calculators and Palmtops
HHCHHUC2019942817Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczHP 48 Resources
HHCHHUC2019942818(unknown)Accessing HP Over the Internet with Mosaic
HHCHHUC2019942819(unknown)Programming Contest Winners
SCESMINI151994271Eric VogelConference Call at Ron Johnson's Office
SCESMINI151994272Richard NelsonIntroductions
SCESMINI151994273Richard NelsonOverview of upcoming events
SCESMINI151994274Eric VogelNew HP Omnibook 530 subnotebook via speakerphone
SCESMINI151994275Brian WalshUpcoming HP 48 Thermodynamics software being prepared by Rick Grevelle
SCESMINI151994276Brian WalshHPCC meeting on May 28, 1994 on the day of the postponed Dutch conference
SCESMINI151994277Jake SchwartzDutch PROMPT group's meeting on 5/28/94
SCESMINI151994278Richard NelsonGeneral conference logistics
SCESMINI151994279Craig Finseth1995 HP conference in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for handhelds and palmtops
SCESMINI1519942710Craig FinsethRPN Calculator Program for 95LX
SCESMINI1519942711Ken BourkeAn HP 48GX generalized triangle solution program
SCESMINI1519942712Paul KettlerHP 48 program to decode Voyager-series code
SCESMINI1519942713Richard NelsonResults of the HP 48 programming contest are reviewed and prizes are awarded
SCESMINI1519942714Richard Nelson and Paul HubbertPerformance characteristics of the new Rayovac Renewal alkaline rechargable batteries
SCESMINI1519942715EveryoneCHIP Picnic
SCESMINI1519942716Jake SchwartzSCES Highlights
WCESMINI141994261Richard NelsonWhere do we think HP is going from here?
WCESMINI141994263Henry HornA recent reunion of the HP Advanced Product Division
WCESMINI141994264Richard NelsonWinter CES brief overview discussion
WCESMINI141994265Jake SchwartzHP 16C Emulator Library update
WCESMINI141994266Richard NelsonEduCalc programming class, feet-and-inch arithmetic problem
WCESMINI141994267Joe HornHP 48 Goodies Disks and the "birth" of Goodies disk #9
WCESMINI141994268Joe HornHP 48 demos with the overhead display
WCESMINI141994269Richard NelsonEducalc Newsline (714-582-3976), HP BBS and further support
WCESMINI1419942610Richard NelsonSX GX changes: Large RAM cards, new built in functions
WCESMINI1419942611VariousClassroom-style HP 48 program development problem: print text string into n-column-wide printer output without breaking words
WCESMINI1419942612Richard NelsonCalculators vs Palmtops and Computers
WCESMINI1419942613Joe HornSparcom MathPro card short demo
WCESMINI1419942614Jake SchwartzMention of upcoming Dutch HP conference on May 28-29th, 1994
WCESMINI1419942615Richard NelsonPersonal Digital Assistants (PDA): What does this mean?
WCESMINI1419942616Richard NelsonNew and Future Technologies for Calculators
WCESMINI1419942617Richard NelsonBusiness Applications on Palmtops
WCESMINI1419942618Richard NelsonShould we meet again in 1995? Previous Las Vegas meetings, farewell
WCESMINI1419942619Jake SchwartzWCES Highlights
SCESMINI131993231Richard NelsonIntroductions / Discussion of the CHIP programming contest (held during the meeting)
SCESMINI131993232Richard Nelson and Dennis YorkSlide tour of the HP 48G/GX
SCESMINI131993233Dennis YorkHP 48GX Demonstration
SCESMINI131993234Richard NelsonCHIP programming contest review/discussion on HP 48 programming in general
SCESMINI131993235Dennis YorkHP 100LX (with transparencies)
SCESMINI131993236Dennis YorkQ & A
SCESMINI131993237Jake SchwartzHP 16C Emulator Library for the HP 48SX
SCESMINI131993238Richard NelsonDiscussion on EduCalc issues
SCESMINI131993239Brian WalshThe Internet HP 48 programming contest (administered by Robin Getz)
SCESMINI1319932310Richard NelsonHandout discussions and additional Q & A until the meeting ends (after 3 AM)
SCESMINI1319932311Jake SchwartzSCES Highlights
WCESMINI121993221Richard NelsonIntroductions
WCESMINI121993222Richard NelsonPocket laser pointers are now inexpensive
WCESMINI121993223Richard NelsonComments on Consumer Electronics Show in general
WCESMINI121993224Joe HornHP 48 Goodies Disks
WCESMINI121993225Richard NelsonPossibilities of new HP machines coming soon
WCESMINI121993226Joe HornHP copyrighted software will be on Goodies Disk #8
WCESMINI121993227Richard NelsonHP 48 revision J ROM is out
WCESMINI121993228Richard NelsonNeed a committment for producing Macintosh Goodies Disks for the HP 48
WCESMINI121993229Richard NelsonHP Kittyhawk (1.3-inch) hard drive at the HP booth
WCESMINI1219932210Richard NelsonFlash memory disks for HP 95 - more manufacturers coming
WCESMINI1219932211Richard NelsonSharp PC3000/PC3100 palmtop has been discontinued with no replacement planned
WCESMINI1219932212Joe BellWhat's happened to Intel's PC board 386 palmtop?
WCESMINI1219932213Richard NelsonRumors about HP 95 successors
WCESMINI1219932214Dan White of SparcomSparcom Q&A
WCESMINI1219932215Richard NelsonWCES Handhelds Topics
WCESMINI1219932216Richard NelsonEduCalc updates
WCESMINI1219932217Richard Nelson and Joe BellTom Hooper (long-time HP enthusiast)
WCESMINI1219932218Richard NelsonIntroducing Henry Horn
WCESMINI1219932219Richard NelsonThe 16C and EduCalc selling 11C/15C/16C machines
WCESMINI1219932220Jake Schwartz16C emulator library for the HP 48
WCESMINI1219932221Richard NelsonNew products at EduCalc (48 and 95 related)
WCESMINI1219932222Richard NelsonHP Palmtop Paper - highly recommended
WCESMINI1219932223Richard NelsonPCMCIA 1.0 and 2.0 standards and manufacturers
WCESMINI1219932224Richard NelsonWhat is the status of the next calc/palmtop conference that was tentatively scheduled to be in California in 1993?
WCESMINI1219932225Richard NelsonCalculators in the Classroom and Exam Mode
WCESMINI1219932226Richard NelsonMiscellaneous Calculator Topics (TI-82, Plug-In Cards, S vs SX)
WCESMINI1219932227Richard NelsonHigh-Tech Cars and Cash Registers
WCESMINI1219932228Richard NelsonHPIL for HP 95 and 48SX Revision J
WCESMINI1219932229Richard Nelsonxam Mode, Classrooms, and Teachers
WCESMINI1219932230Jake SchwartzWCES Highlights
PAHHCOTH071993251Lew ThomasDublHdr and IL95
PAHHCOTH061993241Jake SchwartzIntroduction
PAHHCOTH061993242Jim LawsonHP 48GX
HPCCHHUC191992211Richard NelsonFriday informal gathering, new product discussion
HPCCHHUC191992212Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczIntroductions
HPCCHHUC191992213Jim Donnelly (HP Corvallis)The Prehistory of Calculators
HPCCHHUC191992214Craig FinsethHP Data Base
HPCCHHUC191992215Jake SchwartzViews of the HP-35 birthday cake, vendor area and products, registration table, display of most of HP's handhelds
HPCCHHUC191992216David Frodsham (DIP)Future of technology for handhelds and palmtops
HPCCHHUC191992217Raan Young (HP Corvallis)Demonstration of the HP-95 sending Email
HPCCHHUC191992218Richard NelsonConference issues, door prizes, etc.
HPCCHHUC191992219Raan YoungVideotaped Hewlett-Packard Corvallis Division plant tour
HPCCHHUC1919922110Mark Ellis (HP U.K.)HP's vision of the future of handheld devices
HPCCHHUC1919922111Richard NelsonEducalc HP 48 Goodies Disk production by Joseph Horn
HPCCHHUC1919922112HP PanelQ & A Session
HPCCHHUC1919922113Jake SchwartzViews of the HP-35 "Birthday Party" with cake, door prizes, equipment auction
HPCCHHUC1919922114Jake SchwartzMeeting of heads of European HP user clubs to discuss possible formation of "HEX" (Handheld European Exchange)
HPCCHHUC1919922115Richard NelsonUpcoming third-party products for HP handhelds
HPCCHHUC1919922116Brian WalshProposed HP 48 "Help System"
HPCCHHUC1919922117Megha Shyam (Sparcom)Sparcom's current and future products
HPCCHHUC1919922118Craig FinsethThe Anatomy of an HP 95 Software Application
HPCCHHUC1919922119Graeme CawseyMultilingual applications for the HP 95LX
HPCCHHUC1919922120Colin Mason (Mitsubishi Electric)Memory Cards - Technology and New Directions
HPCCHHUC1919922121Brian WalshSystem RPL tools
HPCCHHUC1919922122Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczTeaching using handhelds
HPCCHHUC1919922123Lee WoodruffComputer algebra systems versus the HP 48
HPCCHHUC1919922124Jim DonnellyDeveloping utilities for the HP 48 using HP's development tools
HPCCHHUC1919922125Jurjen BosAbusing HP 48 plot commands to draw recurrent functions
HPCCHHUC1919922126Jake SchwartzAlternate index to the HP 48 manuals
HPCCHHUC1919922127Richard NelsonHandheld conferences past and future
HPCCHHUC1919922128Mark Cracknell and Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczClosing remarks
HPCCHHUC1919922129Jake SchwartzBabbage Difference Engine #2 demonstration at the Science Museum
HPCCHHUC1919922130Jake SchwartzViews from the conference breakfast on the morning after
SCESMINI111992201Richard NelsonIntroductions
SCESMINI111992202Bill QuinlanMacintosh Powerbook with the HP 95 and HP 48
SCESMINI111992203Dave GoodmanHP 95 software products
SCESMINI111992204Hal Goldstein (Palmtop Paper)Various HP 95 topics
SCESMINI111992205Richard NelsonChanges in the handheld computing world, fall 1993 conference, and future palmtop products
SCESMINI111992206Ted DickensHP Forum on Compuserve BBS (mostly HP 95-related)
SCESMINI111992207Michael KatzProduction process of CD-ROM discs
SCESMINI111992208Jake SchwartzRick Grevelle's machine-code HP 48 library builder
SCESMINI111992209Jake SchwartzSCES Highlights
SCESMINI1119922010EveryoneCHIP Picnic
HHCHHUC181992191Paul HubbertPre-conference scenes
HHCHHUC181992192Richard Nelson (EduCalc)Opening Remarks and Intros
HHCHHUC181992193Richard Nelson (EduCalc)Third Party Product Development
HHCHHUC181992194Dennis York (Hewlett-Packard)Production Development Stages on HP 48
HHCHHUC181992195Ray LaBarbaraEZ Math Software for the HP 95 and HP 48
HHCHHUC181992196Fred LintonDelta Configuration A/B Switches
HHCHHUC181992197Lew ThomasAn HP 95LX HPIL Interface
HHCHHUC181992198John Wettroth (Travtech)HP Handheld Digital/Analog I/O Boxes
HHCHHUC181992199Brian MaguireAn HP 48 System RPL Development ROM Card
HHCHHUC1819921910Chris Smith (Essex Marketing)HP 95 UTIL FORTH system
HHCHHUC1819921911Dennis York (Hewlett-Packard)How would HP 48 users improve the HP 95?
HHCHHUC1819921912Brian WalshHP 48 Memory Management Utilities
HHCHHUC1819921913Dennis York (Hewlett-Packard)The HP 95/Motorola Newsstream Pager Project
HHCHHUC1819921914Ted Dickens (Compuserve)BBS HP Activities
HHCHHUC1819921915Karl Smith (Sparcom)Device Drivers for Sparcom's Drive95
HHCHHUC1819921916Richard Nelson (EduCalc)HP 48 Public Domain Software ROM Cards
WCESMINI101992171Richard NelsonOpening Remarks
WCESMINI101992172Gil DeLiso (Sharp)PC-3000 palmtop and the new EL9200 and EL9300 graphing calculators.
WCESMINI101992173Roy Pryzlowski (HP)HP 48 and 95 issues
WCESMINI101992174Andy Fu (Ace Technologies)Large capacity RAM cards for the HP-95
WCESMINI101992175Scott Burke (Sparcom)New HP 48 and HP 95 products
WCESMINI101992176EveryoneGeneral discussion on future palmtops
WCESMINI101992177Joseph HornGoodies disks, including the newest one (#6)
WCESMINI101992178Steve ThomasNeedham's HP 48 EEPROM and flash card burner for EPSON cards
WCESMINI101992179Brian WalshBrian Maguire's upcoming System-RPL development card for the HP48
WCESMINI1019921710Richard NelsonNew products: TI-85, various HP 48 and HP 95 books, and others
WCESMINI1019921711Jake SchwartzUpcoming HP Handheld Conference in Philadelphia
WCESMINI1019921712Jake SchwartzWCES Highlights
CHIPOTH051992181Brian WalshIntroductions
CHIPOTH051992182Megha ShyamNew Sparcom Products and Product Development
HHCHHUC171991161Paul HubbertThursday night dinner and greetings
HHCHHUC171991162Paul HubbertPre-conference registration
HHCHHUC171991163Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC171991164Lewis C. ThomasPalmtop Interfaces
HHCHHUC171991165David EngleHistorical Development Overview of a Drilling Applications Module for HP 48
HHCHHUC171991166John M. WettrothControl the World, Data Acquisition and Control with the HP 48
HHCHHUC171991167Greg SamkerHewlett-Packard Bulletin Board System
HHCHHUC171991168Richard J. NelsonProducing a Commercial Product
HHCHHUC171991169Brian WalshAll Sorts of HP 48 Utilities
HHCHHUC1719911610Gary L. FriedmanThe Data Egg - A New Solution To Text Entry Barriers
HHCHHUC1719911611Aaron BoonshoftBoony Box Technology
HHCHHUC1719911612Bernie Musch and Steve ChouTripod Data Systems Multimemory Cards and File System
HHCHHUC1719911613Eric VogelReengineering the HP 32S
HHCHHUC1719911614Bobert BellmanData Acquisition, Reduction, and Analysis Using HP 48SX Calculator
HHCHHUC1719911615Dave MarshInfrared Sampling of TV Remotes
HHCHHUC1719911616Bob Moore'Jag + Derive == Charlie + DOS + QWERTY' EVAL
HHCHHUC1719911617Jake SchwartzOptimizing the HP 48 Software User Interface
HHCHHUC1719911618Rick GrevelleHP 48 ROM Exploration
HHCHHUC1719911619Wlodek Mier-JedrzejowiczCan a Club Design a Calculator?
HHCHHUC1719911620Bob PulluardThe Handheld Scene in Continental Europe
HHCHHUC1719911621Lee WoodriffLong Numbers on the HP 48SX
HHCHHUC1719911622Craig A. FinsethFreyja: An Emacs for the HP 95LX
HHCHHUC1719911623Robert Des VerneyInteractive Self-checking HP 28S Newton-Raphson for Polynomial Roots
HHCHHUC1719911624Jeremy SmithThe Matrix - BBS Networks
HHCHHUC1719911625Thomas DickSuper Calculators - Catalysts for Change in the Mathematics Classroom
HHCHHUC1719911626Mark G. ForbesDisks, DOS, and the HP 48SX
HHCHHUC1719911627Paul HubbertScenes from Dinner
HHCHHUC1719911628Jim DonnellyRPL Development Tools - HP 48 Library Builder
HHCHHUC1719911629HP PanelGeneral Q & A on Technical Subjects
HHCHHUC1719911630Ted DickensCompuserve HP Forum, etc
HHCHHUC1719911631Ron JohnsonData Streamer
HHCHHUC1719911632Richard NelsonRaffle Drawing
HHCHHUC1719911633Richard NelsonDoor Prize Drawing
HHCHHUC1719911634Richard NelsonClosing Remarks, Next Conference?
HHCHHUC1719911635Eric VogelQ & A Session by Richard
SCESMINI091991151Richard NelsonWelcome
SCESMINI091991152Richard NelsonIntroductions
SCESMINI091991153Richard NelsonHP 95LX Topics (Lotus, Derive, etc)
SCESMINI091991154Richard NelsonDevelopment on the 48
SCESMINI091991155Richard Nelson and Paul HubbertHacking the 95LX, comparisons vs other devices
SCESMINI091991156Richard NelsonHP 48 errata and problems, using and programming
SCESMINI091991157Richard NelsonHP 48 cables
SCESMINI091991158Richard NelsonDoor Prizes
SCESMINI091991159Brian WalshSystem RPL Programming
SCESMINI0919911510Jake SchwartzReport from Philadelphia and Conference Tapes
SCESMINI0919911511Richard NelsonGraphing issues with degrees/radians
SCESMINI0919911512Richard NelsonSwap Disks
SCESMINI0919911513Richard NelsonEducalc, Corvallis Conference, BBS to Fax Gateway
SCESMINI0919911514Richard NelsonData Acquisition with Extech DMM
SCESMINI0919911515Richard NelsonClosing Remarks, Next Conference?
PAHHC2OTH041991141Jake SchwartzOpening Remarks
PAHHC2OTH041991142Karl Smith (Sparcom)Sparcom's PIM card for the 48SX
PAHHC2OTH041991143Karl Smith (Sparcom)Sparcom's Chemistry card for the 48SX
PAHHC2OTH041991144Karl Smith (Sparcom)Sparcom's Electrical Engineering card for the 48SX
PAHHC2OTH041991145Karl Smith (Sparcom)Audience Q & A and Jellyfish Animation, MLDL, and Tetris Demos
PAHHCOTH031991131Jake SchwartzOpening Remarks
PAHHCOTH031991132Eric VogelIntroduction, Marketing Materials, Introducing the HP 48S
PAHHCOTH031991133Eric VogelUpdates to the HP 32SII
PAHHCOTH031991134Eric VogelIntroduction to the HP 95LX
CHIPOTH021991121Eric VogelIntroduction and overview
CHIPOTH021991122Eric VogelIntroducing the HP 48S
CHIPOTH021991123Eric VogelIntroducing PDL
CHIPOTH021991124Eric VogelUpdates to the HP 32SII
CHIPOTH021991125Eric VogelQ & A Session (48, 28, 32, and more)
WCESMINI081991111Richard NelsonWelcome
WCESMINI081991112Richard NelsonIntroductions
WCESMINI081991113Richard NelsonTopic Overview
WCESMINI081991114Alan Fudge from SparcomNew Products
WCESMINI081991115Richard NelsonHP 48 ROM Cards and Port Congestion
WCESMINI081991116Adam Parsley from Applied Programming SystemsNavigation (marine and air) modules for the 48
WCESMINI081991117Steve ThomasHP 28S to 48S Transitions, HP-41CV Emulator for the 48, Frank Wales
WCESMINI081991118John Wettroth from TravtechAnalog to Digital Converter
WCESMINI081991119Eric Vogel from HPProgrammer's Development Link
WCESMINI0819911110Joe HornVoyager
WCESMINI0819911111Jake Schwartz and Richard NelsonHP support for external developers
WCESMINI0819911112Richard NelsonPCMCIA standard
WCESMINI0819911113Jake SchwartzInternals of the 48 for low-level development
WCESMINI0819911114Richard NelsonNew products (48 plug-in cards, Sparcom floppy drive, and others)
WCESMINI0819911115Richard NelsonUpcoming Wickes books, CMT vs Sparcom floppy drives
WCESMINI0819911116Richard NelsonOther products (card copier), Corvallis conference, and closing
WCESMINI0819911117Jake SchwartzScenes from WCES
WCESMINI0819911118Jake SchwartzScenes around Las Vegas
PAHHCOTH011990101Jake SchwartzWelcome
PAHHCOTH011990102Bill WickesQ & A Session
HHCHHUC16199091Jake SchwartzPre-conference gathering
HHCHHUC16199092Richard NelsonAnnouncements for CHIP meeting
HHCHHUC16199093Brian WalshHPX Exchange
HHCHHUC16199094Richard NelsonPublication Report
HHCHHUC16199095Richard NelsonNew Products
HHCHHUC16199096Richard NelsonSoftware Protection
HHCHHUC16199097Richard NelsonMore New Products
HHCHHUC16199098Richard NelsonFor Sale
HHCHHUC16199099Richard Nelson41 Emulator ROM
HHCHHUC161990910Richard NelsonMiscellaneous Topics
HHCHHUC161990911Richard NelsonAnnouncements and Introductions
HHCHHUC161990912Brian WalshCustomizing the HP 48SX User Interface
HHCHHUC161990913Ron JohnsonUser Programming Experiences
HHCHHUC161990914Bill QuinlanPractical and Fun Applications on the HP 48SX
HHCHHUC161990915Eric VogelThe HP 48SX Equation Library (5 F + 5 F = What??)
HHCHHUC161990916Lee WoodriffSimplified 3-D Graphics for Handheld Computers
HHCHHUC161990917Jake SchwartzHP 48 RPL: Personal Problem Solving Reaches New Height
HHCHHUC161990918Namir ShammasThe New Framework of the HP 48SX
HHCHHUC161990919William WickesHP 48SX Software Development Questions and Answers
HHCHHUC161990920Brian MaguireHP 28/48 3-D Graphing
HHCHHUC161990921Paul HubbertKermit and the HP 110 Portable Computer
HHCHHUC161990922Richard NelsonDoor Prize Drawing
HHCHHUC161990923Jim De ArrasSerial Interfacing with the HP 48SX Calculator
HHCHHUC161990924Bill WickesQ & A Session
HHCHHUC161990925Brian WalshGraphics in menus on the 48
HHCHHUC161990926Ron JohnsonDevelopment of libraries on the 48
HHCHHUC161990927Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC161990928Richard NelsonGraphics Test
HHCHHUC161990929Jake SchwartzSCES Highlights
WCESMINI07199081Richard NelsonIntroduction and overview
WCESMINI07199082Richard NelsonSharp PC-E500
WCESMINI07199083Richard NelsonHP-41 and its replacement, I/O, RPL vs RPN
WCESMINI07199084Richard NelsonMore on the Sharp, swap disks
WCESMINI07199085Jake SchwartzHP 28 highlights
WCESMINI07199086Richard NelsonIR printers
WCESMINI07199087Richard NelsonBattery testers in blister packs
WCESMINI07199088Richard NelsonHP questionnaires and next conference
WCESMINI07199089Richard NelsonUpcoming Sharp, Casio, and TI products
WCESMINI071990810Brian WalshHPX Updates, difficulties in publication and supporting
WCESMINI071990811Jeremy SmithUpdates from the UK
WCESMINI071990812Brian WalshAssembler and emulator for the 41
WCESMINI071990813Richard NelsonConcerns with CMT and other limited products
WCESMINI071990814Richard NelsonSpeculation on Charlemagne
WCESMINI071990815Richard NelsonSoftware distribution (BBSes, Usenet)
WCESMINI071990816Brian WalshConvergence of products (printer/scanner/fax, etc)
WCESMINI071990817Jake SchwartzWCES Highlights
HHCHHUC15198971Richard NelsonIntroductions
HHCHHUC15198972William J. Quinlan JrA Businessman's Transition from the HP 41 to the HP 42S
HHCHHUC15198973Jake SchwartzMigration From the HP 41CX to the HP 28S: A Personal View
HHCHHUC15198974Richard G. SiegalHi-Code Scanner Report - Automatic Computer Company
HHCHHUC15198975R. Lee WoodriffHandheld Computers and Calculators: The Death of Education or its Salvation
HHCHHUC15198976Richard LeadfordThe Impact of Battery Technology on the Design of Portable Computer Products
HHCHHUC15198977Ron BrooksHewlett-Packard after 50 Years
HHCHHUC15198978Ron BrooksQuestions and Answer Session with HP
HHCHHUC15198979Paul HubbertA System to Run Programs and Subroutines in EFM/XM Made Easy
HHCHHUC151989710Brian WalshApplications of Symbolic Calculus, Curve Fitting, and Solver
HHCHHUC151989711Bob ProsperiThe Sharp Wizard
HHCHHUC151989712Paul HubbertDoor Prize Drawing
HHCHHUC151989713Richard NelsonConference Wrap-Up
WCESMINI06198961Chris BunsenHP 42S, 32S, 22S, 20S calculators and design philosophies
WCESMINI06198962Richard NelsonSwap Disks and other program availability
WCESMINI06198963Paul Hubbert3D Television Broadcasts
WCESMINI06198964Brian WalshHPX Newsletter
WCESMINI06198965Richard NelsonEduCalc phone bulletin, HP 42S synthetic programming
WCESMINI06198966Bob ProsperiSharp Wizard software and technology
SCESMINI05198851Brian WalshIntroductions
SCESMINI05198852Ron BrooksIntroducing the HP 22S and HP 32S calculators
SCESMINI05198853Bill QuinlanHP 27S and 19B Business Applications
SCESMINI05198854Brian Walsh and Ron BrooksUpcoming conference in Corvallis
SCESMINI05198855Brian WalshThe end of PPC
SCESMINI05198856Brian Walsh and Ron BrooksPotential upcoming conference in Chicago
SCESMINI05198857Ron BrooksQ & A Session
SCESMINI05198858Richard NelsonDemise of PPC
SCESMINI05198859Richard NelsonNew Products
SCESMINI051988510Richard NelsonInterloop HPIL PC card
SCESMINI051988511Richard NelsonEducalc catalog
SCESMINI051988512Richard NelsonFirmware voltage converter and EPROM burner
SCESMINI051988513Richard Nelson82240A line spacing, 28S replacing 28C
SCESMINI051988514Richard NelsonCMT display for the HP-71 (and also 41)
WCESMINI04198841Richard NelsonIntroductions
WCESMINI04198842Dennis YorkIntroducing the HP 28S, HP 19B, HP 17B and HP 27S calculators
WCESMINI04198843Tim Meyers (CMT)New products (RAM module EPROM, environmental case with display, handheld PC)
WCESMINI04198844Bill Rudersdorf (Southern Software)Link software for a PC to be an HP-IL device
WCESMINI04198845Ken EmerySurveying code for the 41 and other developments
WCESMINI04198846Richard NelsonPC infrared printer emulator
WCESMINI04198847Richard NelsonMiscellaneous Topics
WCESMINI04198848Tim Meyers (CMT)Q & A
WCESMINI04198849Richard NelsonUpcoming conference in Corvallis
WCESMINI041988410Brian WalshHPX Updates
WCESMINI041988411Richard NelsonThe need for a user group
WCESMINI041988412Jake SchwartzView from Las Vegas hotel room
SCESMINI03198731Richard NelsonWelcome
SCESMINI03198732Richard NelsonIntroductions
SCESMINI03198733Richard NelsonAudience surveys (modem, PC, and HP-71 ownership, 41, EduCalc)
SCESMINI03198734Richard NelsonFor Sale Items
SCESMINI03198735AllenZenith 183 Portable Computer
SCESMINI03198736Michael MarkoffCMT 512 KB RAM Disk
SCESMINI03198737Brian WalshHPX
SCESMINI03198739Brian WalshDialing into BBSes
SCESMINI031987310Jake SchwartzMore on BBSes and conference video tapes
SCESMINI031987311Brian WalshElectronic distribution of articles and programs
SCESMINI031987312Richard NelsonHP-41 new items (synthetic programming manual, bar code generator)
SCESMINI031987313Richard NelsonC71 emulator card
SCESMINI031987314Richard NelsonAdvanced Pac Screen
SCESMINI031987315Richard NelsonMore new 71 programs (RPN calculator, Graph 71 plotting library, StructLex)
SCESMINI031987316Richard NelsonPossible plagiarized programs
SCESMINI031987317Richard NelsonCHHU Report and Richard's Woes
SCESMINI031987318Richard NelsonEduCalc updates
SCESMINI031987319Richard NelsonFuture for CHHU
SCESMINI031987320Richard NelsonTips for SCES attendees
SCESMINI031987321Jake SchwartzCHIP Picnic
UMDMINI02198722Bill WickesIntroducing the HP 28C
UMDMINI02198723Jake SchwartzInitial impressions of the 28C and resulting lack of future of a CHHU 71 ROM
UMDMINI02198724Bill WickesQ & A Session about the HP 28C
SCESMINI01198611Richard NelsonIntroductions
SCESMINI01198612Richard NelsonGetting into CES
SCESMINI01198613Nancy UllmanHP Technical Support
SCESMINI01198614Janet CryerIntroducing the HP 18B
SCESMINI01198615Mike MarkovMemory Copies
SCESMINI01198616Jake SchwartzViews of the new HP 18B and the HP-41 cake
SCESMINI01198617Ken EmeryExpanded IL ROM
SCESMINI01198618Jeremy SmithPersonal announcement about CMT
SCESMINI01198619Richard NelsonFor Sale Items
SCESMINI011986110Jeremy SmithNew product Q & A
SCESMINI011986111Nick LedfordMulti-cell NiCad batteries
SCESMINI011986112Brian WalshCopy counting on HP-71
SCESMINI011986113Larry WalpleHyper 41
SCESMINI011986114Barry AltmanHP-41 Alarms
SCESMINI011986115Jeff BrownHP-94
SCESMINI011986116Richard NelsonCHHU Report and imminent demise of PPC
SCESMINI011986117Richard NelsonHP-71 IL module revision B and directory bug
SCESMINI011986118Richard NelsonCHHU Swap Disks
SCESMINI011986119EveryoneCHIP Picnic