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Please note that any orders placed after June 12, 2024 will not ship until after July 8, 2024. Thank you for your understanding.

Software Loading Fee


The HP 50g can be preloaded with commercial software at the time of purchase. This $25 fee covers the labor for installing software on the calculator and is separate from any license fees for the commercial software.


If you select this service in conjuction with the purchase of a new 50g, I will fully open the calculator packaging, test each calculator for proper functionality, upgrade the system to the latest ROM, and finally install the software. Selecting this item stand-alone would require you to first ship the calculator to me for loading.

Before selecting this option, you should first directly pay the software vendor for the software license. Once I receive notification from the vendor that your license has been paid for, I will install the software and ship your calculator(s).

This is a per-calculator fee, not a per-application fee. If you need the same software installed on multiple calculators, you must pay this fee for each calculator, but if you want multiple software programs installed on a single calculator, you only need to pay this fee once.

Currently, the commercial software available for preloading is the following:

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