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HP 50g Graphing Calculator (Refurbished)


Note: These are classified as "refurbished" units. However, they are brand new, never used (except to test immediately before shipment) calculators, shipped only in bubble wrap bags, but they do not come with a case or manual or the original packaging. AAA batteries are provided, however. This is your cheapest option for a "new" 50g calculator, due to the high price of unopened complete packages.

The HP 50g is Hewlett-Packard's top-of-the-line RPL calculator. It directly replaces the 49g+, and it is the successor to the 49G, 48GX, and 28S, among others.

The operating environment of the 50g should be familiar to anyone who has used the 48GX, but everything performs much better, as it uses the Meta Kernel system introduced in the 49G and runs on a high-speed, modern processor.

While HP targets this calculator at students and professionals alike, it is more powerful than most students will need. In contrast to calculators such as the TI-89, which attempts to provide a "black box" solution to high school and lower-level college math, giving answers that attempt to match standard textbook expectations without giving the student much insight into the process, the HP 50g gives the user much more control over the calculations, enabling hard problems to be made easier. In this respect, the HP 50g is much better suited for advanced students and professionals.

The 50g is hands-down, the absolute best calculator for engineers, surveyors, and hackers. Users with serious real-world math needs will appreciate the RPL calculating environment, with unlimited depth stack, the extraordinary unit conversion tools, and much more. Surveyors can take advantage of the connectivity and expandability and can take it out in the field with them with third-party products, such as the Precision DC50. And users with a desire to tinker will love the five built-in programming languages and the ability to dive deep into the heart of the operating system. At the same time, it is an excellent choice for users with a deep interest in mathematics, providing an extremely capable computer algebra system in the palm of the hand.

Although the calculator defaults to a mode that should be familiar to users of the TI-89, it can easily be made to act more like traditional HP calculators by enabling RPN (press [MODE] [+/-] [ENTER] to permanently change to RPN) and switching from choose boxes to softkey menus (set flag -117).

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