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The calculators and accessories which are available for sale and worldwide shipment are below. For more information, or to buy something, please click on a product.

HP 50g Graphing Calculator
HP 50g
HP Prime Graphing Calculator
HP Prime
HP 50g RS-232 Serial Cable
HP 50g RS-232 Serial Cable
FTDI USB/RS-232 Serial Cable
FTDI USB-Serial Cable
HP 17bII+ Financial Calculator
HP 17bII+
HP 35s Scientific Calculator
HP 35s
WP 34S Scientific Calculator
WP 34S
WP 31S Scientific Calculator
WP 31S
WP 34S (Discounted)
WP 34S (Discounted)
HP 30b Business Professional
HP 30b
HP 82240B Infrared Printer
HP 82240B Printer
HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator
HP 10bII+
Null Modem Adapter
Null Modem Adapter
Multi-Lingual Pack and Formula Browser on SD Card
Multi-lingual Pack
Quantitative Analysis for Business
Quantitative Analysis Book
Software Loading Fee
Software Preload

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